Sandy out in the snow.

The last couple of days have been filled with accomplishments.

  1. The biggest one first. Yesterday I didn’t have to take Valium or Phenergan all day long.  (I did take it once today, but only once, I’m not positive I needed them, but I was starting to feel a little dizzy and better safe than sorry.)  That’s a huge improvement.
  2. I made dinner last night.  To read all about what I made, check out my blog post on Wendy Cooks.  (a little teaser here: it includes Acorn Squash and wild rice.)
  3. I cleaned up the kitchen today.
  4. I completed messed up the kitchen again today.
  5. I made experimented with dinner again, and made something that I was very pleased with.  I will post about it on Wendy Cooks tomorrow.  (Yes, I made Pesto out of Kale! can you believe?  I served it over penne pasta and grilled chicken…you must see the photos, I promise I will post them tomorrow.)
  6. Stuart talked to Dr. Gray today, and she is setting up an appointment for me to come and have another lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap.)  She mentioned that my pressure may still be a little high, but the Diamox is just too strong and they might put me on Topamax instead.  Stuart mentioned that my psychiatrist just put me on Topamax, and she thought it was interesting that within the past few days I’ve started feeling better.  They are now taking me off of the diuretic that I’ve been on from Dr. Kaylie.  (I feel like such a trial and error patient….let’s see if this works…nope? well how about this?…a little…well how about this….)  I guess we’ll see what the lumbar puncture says.

When I look at my little list it doesn’t look like I really got all that much accomplished, but I really do feel like I got a lot done.  I didn’t have to lie still on the couch pumping in drugs praying not to throw up.  I even let the dog out a few times and didn’t have to call Stuart down from work to do it.

Oh, and we had another winter storm here last night.

This winter has been very unusual here in Durham, NC.  It’s never this white.


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