Awards – Versatile Blogger Award (again) and the Sunshine Award.

Recently, there have been a few fellow bloggers who felt I deserved an award, or two…

unfortunately, I have been remiss at acknowledging the compliment. Please do not think the honor has been felt any less deeply.  I simply have not had the time nor the stamina to do the honors justice.

Today I attempt to do so.

Each time someone feels that my blog touches them in some small way, and they pass an award my way, I get a tingle from my head to my toes, and a little tear in my eye.  Needless to say, I am touched very deeply.

Each award deserves an individual post, but I’m going to cheat a little and combine 2 in this post.  I hope they will not feel slighted, and you will not feel overwhelmed.

First an award I have received before – The Versatile Blogger Award.  On December 23, 2011, I posted about Mo from Day by Day with Addison girl honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award, today I write to THANK the Bipolar Muse, and Fiona from The Agoraphobic Blog.  I’m honored these lovely ladies also felt that I deserved this award.  I must be a very Versatile Chick huh?  *giggle*  I hope no one minds, but since I followed all the ruled the first time, let’s say it covered all of the awards..please.  You see, I’m really not that interesting.  Plus, how much about me do you not already know.  Really??

So on to the next award.  The Sunshine Award.  Again, I’d like to say, I am very humbled and honored to receive an award.  To know my words have touched another.  Why else do we make our blogs public?  Fortunately the Bipolar Muse had been recognized a lot the past few months, and she has shared her honors with many of the bloggers who have touched her.  Thank you once again Bipolar Muse for thinking of me!!

Now for the duties for this award:

First step:
Thank the person that nominated you and in my case this is Bipolar Muse.  Done.  But I would like to say, her poetry is like silk that often slips through my fingers only to wrap around me in soft coolness to comfort me.  Sometimes, unsettling, but always honest.  Thinking of her, I came to the realization that Tears are the Elixir of the Muses.

Second step:
Share some tidbits about yourself….that you don’t know…ooooo, hard one…

Favorite color:
First thought YELLOW!  But I do like other colors, but yellow makes me happy.  I smile whenever I see it.  It is the happiest of all colors for me, and I appreciate, many, many colors!!

Favorite animal:
My animals.  Sandy Dog and Max the Cat.

Favorite number:
ummmm, 2 I think….or 7….I like the shape of those numbers, they are close to the same….and my birthday is 7 – 2

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:
Water – then, Mandarin Orange Iced Tea Unsweetened.  It would only be better if I could get it without caffeine.

Facebook or Twitter:
A little Facebook, and even less Twitter, I’m not into social media.  Too sterile for me.

My Passion:
Hubby, Helping, Furry babies, in a way my blog – which leads back to helping….getting better…staying positive…learning more….LIFE

Favorite day of the week:
Any day I get to spend the whole day with my hubby.  No work, no chores for him.  Just us.  Not thinking about what needs to be done, or me being sick.

Favorite Flower:
Daisies, Sun Flowers, Black Eyed Susie’s,  Gerber Daisies, and Calla Lillie’s like I carried at my wedding.

I will pass the Sunshine Award on to the following blogs:

There are so many deserving blogs….those who put Sunshine in my Life!!  I decided to choose a few people who have really reached out to me lately since I have gotten this new diagnosis, (don’t think I have felt slighted by anyone, these people have made me laugh)  And one person who probably has no idea I exist.  I often miss her post because for some reason I can’t get WP to email updates to me, but she is special, and she is inspiring, and you should check her out!!  Especially if you have Meniere’s or hearing loss.

In no particular order:

Sunshine and Chaos  (she has sunshine in the name,  she had to get the award!)

Hearing Elmo (this woman is amazing! check out her blog. she has a Meniere’s, a cochlear implant, and a service dog…and the best attitude ever!)

The Agoraphobic Blog (Fiona will share tissue needed emails with me, and turn around and we’ll share silly poop songs!  And she just got MARRIED!  Thank you for the Shaky Dance.)

It has taken me at least 3 days to get this post together.  Please, no tears.  People keep telling me that my posts are making them cry.  Please do not cry.  We never know what is going to happen.  How things will end up.  I’m sure that I will be able to get through this.  I’m a pretty strong person, and I pretty darn resourceful.  Plus I have one more Award to talk about.

Don’t let this get you down.  Remember I have a great team of doctors.  Had the nerves checked in my eyes checked on Friday all is looking fine.  No damage.  We upped the medication. Today is a rough day, but the weather changed, and it’s hormone time….so it could just be normal migraines.  It just hurts, that’s what I know.  : )

Docs are learning a lot from me.  Who knows, they may be able to save someone else from going though so many tests and maybe they can find a new treatment because of me.  maybe, just maybe.  That would be nice.  I’ll be fine.  Yes, things will be different, but I will adapt, that’s what humans do.


So, Don’t cry for me….and you have no idea how much I want to say “Argentina……  hahahaha

We’ll talk more later.


Candle Lighter Award

Weeks ago Phylor honored me with the Candle Lighter Award.  I am honored Phylor chose me as a recipient of this award.  To say that I am a candle in her life who helps to light the way…this brings tears to my eyes.  How could anyone wish to be more?  I hope I can live up to this honor and light a candle in the darkness to help light a few paths along the way.

Kate Kresse, of Belive Anyway, originated the Candle Lighter Award to: . . . “light a candle in the darkness that envelopes us all at times. I want to lighten loads and light the way. I gravitate towards positive people and positive blogs. I want to start a blog award that reflects my love for the positive in the blogosphere.”

Kate asks little of the winner – to link back to her comments when the blog has been posted, and to, of course, if you choose, to pass the award along to anyone you feel deserves it. You can award it as many times as you like, all that Kate asks is that you link your post back to her site.

I pass this award on for the same reasons Kate started the award.  She stated, “I think people that are going through the efforts to be positive and make the world better through their efforts and blogs deserve to be recognized. I am always looking for encouragement and ‘light’.”

I have so many people who have been a light for me.  I wish I could honor each one with this award, but there are simply too many to list, at this time I do not have the energy to properly acknowledge you all.   I’ve decided to limit it to 2 recipients.  Two very special women whom I feel do not get the recognition they deserve.  Two women who have been through torment and trials and come out with a positive can-do attitude that lights the way for many others.

The First person I’d like to recognize is Fiona of The Agoraphobic Blog.  

Fiona had a horrific experience that brought about severe panic disorder with agoraphobia (according to Pub Med Health Panic disorder with agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder in which there are repeated attacks of intense fear and anxiety, and a fear of being in places where escape might be difficult, or where help might not be available.)

Fiona, is an amazing young woman.  She is working so hard to overcome these intense fears.  I feel such inspiration when I read her posts, hearing how she made it out and about one day.  Even on her bad days, with severe migraines or a panic attack, you can still hear her positive attitude and hope.

Said said in one post, “So yes, I have agoraphobia and Panic Disorder, but it definitely does not define who I am, I have never become depressed about it, I have got frustrated a few many times and had a huge cry, got it out of my system, and then moved on again.  This is my life, I am happy with it, it sure could be a hell of a lot easier, but who has the perfect life anyway? everyone’s life is hard at some point, mine just happens to be hard to do simple things, but I AM OKAY WITH THAT!”

In another post she said something that really stuck with me.”bad days are ALWAYS followed by good ones and I always remember that and keep it in mind.”

Thank you Fiona, for not only lighting the path for others with panic disorder and agoraphobia, but for anyone who needs inspiration!

The second person I’d like to pass this award to is Kelly from Fly with Hope.

Kelly states “I became disabled in October 2005 by my Chronic Migraines and Chronic Daily Headache (more specifically New Persistent Daily Headache). I have had frequent headaches and Fibromyalgia since I was a teenager. In addition to Migraines, headaches and Fibromylagia, I have Meniere’s diseaseIrritable Bowel SyndromeObsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Tachycardia and Food & Environmental Allergies.”  To understand some of the battles she goes through read one of her most recent posts…Joy in Prison.

On her blog she shares her ” journey of learning how to manage chronic illness and hold onto Hope.”  Kelly is very involved in advocating for herself and others who have chronic illnesses.  She reaches out to people and shares this profound Hope, and deep spirituality that she has.

Her light shines through her, with every word that she writes.  She has personally been a great inspiration for me and a light to help guide my way thorough a lot of pain.

To carry on the Hope, Kelly recently started Project Migraine Hope.  Please go and check out this amazing project Kelly started where people can post videos telling their experiences with migraines and how they have found hope.  If you have migraines, or are a caregiver or loved one of someone who does, please consider telling your story.If you haven’t done so already, Please, Please for all of us who suffer from migraines and those who care for us  sign the petition that the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy started to Urge Congressional Hearings on the Impact of Migraine and Headache Disorders.  This is very important to all of us who have migraines and a project Kelly has been working very hard on.With the excruciating pain that Kelly lives with daily, she still has Hope, still finds a way to be a health activist, and finds the time to reach out to others sharing her light and sharing Hope.

Again, I’d like to say that there are MANY people who have helped light my way, and given me hope.  MANY who still do each and every day.  Please know how much I appreciate you all.

I chose these two very special women because of the horrors they have been through, and are still going though, yet they still find a way to be positive and share their light with others.

3 in 1 – 3 mini posts, I need to catch up!

I don’t know what happened with this post, I thought I posted it a couple of days ago.

I just realized it was never published!

A little anti-climatic after my last post…but just imagine you read this one first.  : )

1 – WEGO Health Award Winners

Be sure to check out the WEGO Health Award Winners!  You can find the winners with links on WEGO Health on Facebook or on the WEGO Health Blog Post.  Keep watching these sites for more information about the 2012 Health Awards.  This was WEGO Health’s first Health Activist Awards and they would like your input to help make them even better, you can take a quick poll here  I am thrilled that I was chosen as a finalist for the TMI Health Activist Award.  There were many nominations for each category, I hope you took the time to nominate your favorite blogs.  Everyone who is a Health Activist should be proud of what they accomplish.  You make a difference!

Brain MRI - photo from

2 – Monday, January 30th…a day at Duke.

On Monday I had 3 appointments at Duke Medical Center. 12:15 pm Clinic 1D have blood tests.  Since this is a mini-post I will not go into detail about how odd the technician was, and how very painful the procedure was, needless to say, it wasn’t the best experience.  (who takes blood from a person’s hand?  Without even looking for a vein elsewhere?  And fishes around under the skin for the vein?)  Yes, not a goo experience.

1:30pm Lennox Baker Center (located about 2 or 3 miles from the clinics) for Brain MRI with Contrast.  The first person we encountered there was very confusing to me.  I kept getting confused as to what I was supposed to do next, I told him I couldn’t hear, but he just seemed to get frustrated with me…glad I had Stuart with me to help (but he got a bit confused too, so it wasn’t just the hearing issue).  I got an IV for the contrast dye, I have a huge black bruise from this, but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the blood test I had earlier.  The MRI itself was pretty easy, much easier now that I can’t hear the extremely loud noises that it makes.  (I also took a Valium before going, so it was much less stressful!)  When the technician took me back to Stuart, he just held the door to the waiting room and left.  Stuart wasn’t there.  I didn’t have my hearing aid.  I asked the people in the waiting room if they had seen another man, and asked them just to shake their heads because I can’t hear.  Everyone said NO…yes, I began to panic a little.  I’ve never been put in that type of situation before.  I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying, and I had no on there who knew me who could help me.  I went back to where we checked in, and Stuart was in that waiting room.  They told him that’s where they would bring me back to.  It was only a bit of a panic for a moment, but once again I’m reminded of how much I must depend on my husband.

Lunch – 2:45 – 3:10 Chipotle – There was really only one faster type place we could stop on the way back to the clinics for my next appointment.  We stopped at Chipotle.  I used to love this place, and I thought I was being very cautious when I ordered.  I had the grilled chicken tacos (no onions or gluten!)  Then I got some guacamole…I love their guacamole.  I didn’t realize until I’d eaten about 2 tablespoons of it that it has red onion in it.  My stomach bloated to such an extreme my loose top was very tight around my tummy, I really looked like I was pregnant!  I had the worst heart burn.  I was not a happy girl…but lunch tasted really good!

3:30 Duke Clinics – Dr. Kaylie’s office – As expected, my MRI was clear.  No brain tumor, a little fluid still around the surgery site, but that was to be expected, it will dissipate over time.  The greatest adventure we had at his office was with the Blood Pressure machine.  First they couldn’t get it to read my BP, then the BP cuff actually blew off!  She fixed it up, and then she took my BP again…it was 175/113!  They told me I couldn’t leave.  The nurse started asking me questions, was I light headed, did I have a headache….I mentioned I had heart burn, she started to look worried and asked if I had pain in my jaw.  I thought…oh great they think I’m having a heart attack!  I explained I had heartburn because I’d just accidentally eaten onions.   She decided to try a different machine, again, after numerous tries it wouldn’t take my BP.  We decided to rest for a bit and try again.  Third machine, finally read my BP 145/92 – yes still a bit high, but after what I’d just been through it was understandable, and Dr. Kaylie said I was OK to leave.  Whew!  I hope my blood pressure is normal next time I go to the doctor, I don’t want to go through that again.

This is a close example of what my new glasses look like.

3- New Glasses

After my appointments at Duke we went and picked up my new glasses.  I was so excited, looking forward to seeing clearer, the frames that would fit better with my hearing aid, the lighter material, and the new look.  I put them on and looked in the mirror and didn’t really like the look.  I’ll get used to it.  (I think most of it has to do with my face being so much rounder.  I’m just not fond of that look!)  In the office I thought I could see fine.  On the ride home I realized I couldn’t read the street signs.  Then yesterday while at class I realized I was having a very hard time going from distance seeing to seeing close up.  Oh great!  My optometrist and I discussed what I do and how I need to see.  She told me that the glasses I have now are single vision lenses., not bifocals.  So I decided to get two pair of glasses, one that is just single vision, and one that are called “computer progressives”.  They will help my vision seeing the computer and reading up close.   After examining the glasses I have now, I realized that they are in fact bifocals.  I’m not sure I would have added the extra expense of the second pair if I’d know this.  I’m usually very frugal about how much money I spend on glasses, but I was so unhappy with the last pair we decided to get the “perfect pair”.  Now for the beginning of trying to get these glasses fixed.  *sigh*

So there we go, 3 short versions of things I wanted to say….unfortunately, I still have much I want to post about.  Receiving the Candle Lighter Award and passing it on…a link to a post about being positive featuring me, and my day yesterday….so much I want to share, you may get tired of hearing from me.