Damned statistics

This is a wonderful post about why it’s so important to still be diligent during this time of COVID-19.
‘the problem is that some poor bastard is always going to be the wrong side of the comforting stats’, personally I don’t want to be that person, and I don’t want anyone I love to be either.

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People who know me well will be aware that I’m not a fan of numbers. In fact, I detest the darn things. Maths was my worst subject at school (aside from the much-dreaded sport); I never learnt my times tables; and although I can easily rattle off huge chunks of ‘Hamlet’, I struggle to remember my own ‘phone number. And don’t even get me started on a task in my previous job which involved working out standard deviations from cohort means in order to calculate student prizes.

However, I acknowledge that numbers are important – especially in these days of rising Covid cases at a time when we’re all getting dragged back to the office by our hair, kicking and screaming (did I mention that I’m not looking forward to going back?). In fact, it amazes me that although the daily infection, hospitalisation, and death figures in the UK…

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2 thoughts on “Damned statistics

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I always say somebody has to be that 1 in a million! And I have been that 1%. I almost died in 2001 because (and to quote my doctor who realized just in time to pack me into an ambulance off to the nearest trauma center) “every complication you had, you had a 1% chance of developing”.
    SOMEbody has to be that 1 in a million.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it as much as I did.
      My experiences with Menier’s has been rare. So are the complications with my migraines and bipolar disorder.
      I know we’re in circles where we meet a lot more people who are on the wrong side of the stats, but it makes me really scared for the people on the wrong side of the Covid stats.


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