Birthday Wishes Do Come True! A Little Migraine Relief

Being silly with my man.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I was able to enjoy it! Squeee!!

Today I’m fighting hard but I wanted to get this out so I’m going to just write, I wrote the first sentence this morning and then I just stopped. “It hurts so bad right now, where do I even start this post?” Then I went on Instagram and saw people sending love and telling me how thrilled they were that I was able to enjoy my day. It really looks like I was having a pain free day doesn’t it? The pain is there, but it is much less and I am having a very good time with that amazing man who took the day off work just to spend the day with me. How did I get there?

Right before I saw the doctor on the 18th I reviewed my migraine diary and my blog posts and discovered that my migraines not only increased but the Maxalt stopped working right about the same time that I started the Viibryd. I had the dates a little off in my memory, but there it was all written down. So I’ve been gradually going off of it and this past week was the first week I’ve been completely off of it. It has not been an amazing change, but the one thing that has changed, Maxalt is working again. That is why I was able to celebrate my birthday. If I take a Maxalt with a Toradol I get relief, it doesn’t knock it all the way out, and I have to take a second Maxalt, but it knocks it WAY down!! Not so far down that I can forget it, but I can breathe. I’ve only tried it 2 times so far, as you know you can’t take these meds too often, my doctor doesn’t want me to take pain medication more than 2 days per week. I tried it on Saturday because we had a picnic with the family, and it worked! I was even able to play with the kids for a little while. We were only there for a three of hours before I felt I needed to wrap it up, but that was a good 3 hours.

Yesterday I tried to start the day without meds, but I had to take them as soon as we got started. We went to the botanical gardens for breakfast, it was so nice there, they were so wonderful to cater my meal around my food restrictions. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen happened, 2 wild lizards came up and begged for blueberries. The waitress fed one out of her hand, he took it and ran off. I put a blueberry right by my chair for the second and he came and gobbled it up and waited for more! Hahaha.

More blueberries please

After breakfast we strolled the garden for just a little while and then I had an appointment with my therapist. While there I had to take a second dose of medication, so we went home after and had a nice rest. Later we went out for a late lunch at this cute little place I like so much, that’s where the photo of us was taken, and the waiter there sang Happy Birthday to me over my chicken salad. 🤣

That must have been too much for me for one day because I can’t even remember the rest of the day, and today I’ve been in a huge amount of pain with lots of dizzies, but I think I’m learning how to cope with this better than I have been. I have not totally forgotten my mindfulness practice.

Now my mind must rest as I close my eyes for the day.


19 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes Do Come True! A Little Migraine Relief

  1. Rita McGregor

    What an awesome birthday! Glad you discovered and weaned before the date so you could appreciate the day with your sweetie. (We always seem to have to pay the piper afterwards, don’t we–but it’s worth it.) Happy belated birthday, Wendy! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Rita!!
      Not sure if I was really paying the piper so much as just going back to not having meds in me. But yeah, if I have been paying for it, I’m okay with that, so worth it.
      Love and hugs. w


  2. I try to start the day without meds sometimes, especially with migraines because of taking the meds too much, but then it just gets unbearable and I wish I’d taken them earlier. Can’t really win, but I’m so glad the Maxalt with a Toradol can take the edge off a little for you, especially so you could enjoy your day. I commented in Insta (and in reply to your lovely comment on my blog) so it’s a little belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely Wendy!!!!  ♥🌷 How was it getting serenaded over a chicken salad? 😉
    Rest up lovely xxxx

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    1. Oh, I’m not. The meds just only last a few hours, they aren’t knocking it out totally, I’m just grateful I’m able to have a few good hours a couple of days a week now. And hey, if it’s a little pay back, I’m okay with that. I need the good days. You get it. Thank you my friend. 💗

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  3. Pen Wize

    Happy Birthday! What birthday gift you received, the ability to enjoy your big day! May the medicine continue to work for you and have better days all the way around.

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    1. Jcam

      Happy Birthday Wendy!! I’m very glad you were able to have a good day, especially on your Birthday❤️ You’ve likely heard it all, however if this can help you it will be worth it. A friend has migraines and he tried Aimovig after having 26 days with migraines, he is down to 7. Keep blogging. Keep smiling, and Thank You

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      1. Thank you for coming by, I don’t mind you sharing your friend’s experience. Right now I’m trying Emgality, it’s in the same family as Aimovig, but we may switch soon. I hope we can get these things lessened. I’m so glad your friend has been able to reduce their’s, I hope they can come down even more.
        Cheers. Wendy


    2. Thank you! This medicine is only to be taken 2 days a week, but if it keeps working that gives me 2 days I haven’t been having! So grateful! 🤞💕


  4. Ah, how wonderful you were able to enjoy your day with your darling and loved ones. 😀

    Happy Belated Birthday Dearest Wendy! XOXO

    PS. Can I please have a jpeg of your original Picnic With Ants? They make me smile.


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