Mindfulness Monday: #GivingTuesday

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

J.M. Barrie

“. . . It’s a beautiful dance, this giving and receiving!”

Heather Powers “Grateful Girl”

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under who shade you do not expect to sit.”

Nelson Henderson

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 27, is #GivingTuesday (Giving Tuesday) — the first Tuesday after American Thanksgiving.

“#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.  . . . One of the best ways to get involved is in your own community. . . join the movement and give – whether it’s some of your time, a donation, gift or the power of your voice in your local community.” #GivingTuesday

I am grateful to Wendy for her friendship, compassion, caring, and the chance to participate in Mindfulness Mondays.

Tomorrow, I will give some of myself.

And, just because:

. . . With an open smile and with open doors

I bid you welcome, what is mine is yours

With a glass raised to toast your health

And a promise to share the wealth . . .

Stop and look around you

The glory that you see

Is born again each day

Don’t let it slip away

How precious life can be

With a heart that is wide awake

. . . with a thankful heart

“Thankful Heart,” Paul Williams, A Muppet Christmas Carol



3 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday: #GivingTuesday

  1. This is an awesome idea and post. I’ve been making it a tradition the past few years to give to a person’s favorite charity instead of a physical gift. And a friend of mine always finds someone in need that we give to instead of giving each other presents. It’s just the little things.
    I’m horrible about sending out gifts anyway. As you know. LOL
    Anne Frank: “No one has ever become poor by giving.”


  2. I came across the Anne Frank quote while I was finding ones for the post. What an amazing young woman/girl. To have her courage and strength of spirit . . .
    After years of getting flowers and Christmas arrangements from the florist that my mother hated, I told her sister and brother in law to give to a charity in her name. They didn’t do the one I had hoped, but did give to a worthy cause.
    The Sally Ann “kettle” always gets a small donation. And, I pick up stuffed toys (on sale) throughout the year to donate at Christmas.
    Your gift to charity is more thoughtful than anything you could buy in a store or on-line. It will always fit, you can’t receive too many of these, and it lasts long after the festive season has ended. You can look at the notification of the donation and smile for the person who sent something in your name, and for those who benefited from it.


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