Mindfulness Monday: perception

“Piglet noticed that even thought he had a small heart,

it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.”

A. A. Milne

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Dr. Seuss

“The moment one gives close attention to anything,

even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome,

indescribably magnificent world in itself.”

Henry Miller

Image: Lorraine 2018 (filling in for Wendy)



6 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday: perception

  1. Reblogged this on Lorraine's frilly freudian slip and commented:

    Wendy wasn’t able to do Mindfulness Monday this week, so I posted for her (after midnight so it’s really Thoughtful Tuesday?). I was looking for different themes, but realized that perception was woven through many of the quotes I really liked.
    Wendy is alright; as you know she has migraine issues and that can make looking at the screen extremely difficult for periods of time. So, I filled in when she found she couldn’t quite finish her post for Mindfulnes Mondays.
    Feel better, sis.

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    1. Thanks. When I was looking for a picture, I was scrolling through some stuff from a while back. I initially took it because it reminded me of Escher’s puddle etchings (not as complex as his of course)


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