What It’s Like Currently Being a Student in America — Queerly Texan

I’ve grown up in a post-Columbine world. The talk of school shootings is not something new to me, I’ve been taught how to prepare for one my whole life. I’ve spent hours siting in dark classrooms, huddled in the corner with my classmates praying it’s only a drill. As of February, there have been a […]

via What It’s Like Currently Being a Student in America — Queerly Texan

as I read Alyssa’s words I kept thinking,

“Our Children’s Lives Are Worth More Than a Gun!”

I don’t care what you feel about your right to own a gun, it is not greater than the life of a child.

Under no circumstances does anyone need to own an automatic weapon.  Period.

The argument that we are blaming the gun instead of the shooter doesn’t cut it.  As I heard someone say yesterday, “If my child hits someone with a stick, I don’t blame the stick, but I still take it away.”

We must support gun control.

Please read Alyssa’s post, it speaks volumes.







7 thoughts on “What It’s Like Currently Being a Student in America — Queerly Texan

  1. I have been following this news story, and am thankful i am not living in America right now.
    As a teacher, I cannot start to comprehend how teachers in America must feel with the proposal that they should be armed and trained in using a gun. Being a teacher carries so much responsibility, but this is responsibility that we go into the profession knowing we will carry…The thought that teachers could be in charge of protecting their classes, by using a weapon is just plain scary! Imagine the guilt if a wrong decision was made, or if there was a delay in the teacher using the gun…Imagine the amount of pressure a teacher would feel if they had to use the gun – people don’t train to be teachers, if they are interested in using a gun…those people join armed forces..
    …Yes, if you take away a stick from a child…why not take a gun away from an adult…
    Thanks for sharing Wendy
    I hope you are well x

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  2. I remember training for fire drills, and nuclear attacks.
    I can’t imagine what it’s like to go to school and drill for the potential of a mass shooting.
    I am so proud of the Parkland students. Saying we don’t want to be the school that had a shooting, but the school that had a shooting and did something about it!
    No one, I mean no one needs a semi automatic gun with large capacity ammo.
    Stop the madness!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and directing us to an excellent post.

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