#HAWMC Day 26 – Care Page for the Newly Diagnosed with Meniere’s

Today is Day 26 of #HAWMC (WEGO’s Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge).  The prompt today is:

Time to use all your knowledge and experience as an Health Activist!
Create a “Care Page” for newly diagnosed patients.
Pull together 5 of your own blog posts that could help a newly diagnosed patient and
include 5 external resources you find helpful.


I’ve written a number of blog posts that I think a person newly diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease would find interesting and, hopefully, helpful.  I think the best place to start would be a series on Meniere’s treatments, written by me and a few fellow Meniere’s warriors:  Meniere’s Treatments Part 1 – Diet, Meniere’s Treatments Part 2 – Medication, Meniere’s Treatments Part 3 – Surgery, Meniere’s Treatments Guest Post – Lin, Meniere’s Treatments Guest Post – Suzanna, Meniere’s Treatments Guest Post – Angelea.  And one post I thought might help new patients explain vertigo is, What’s this Thing Called Vertigo Anyway?

5 External Resources that may be helpful:



I’m participating in WEGO’s #HAWMC, if you’d like to read more posts from today please search for #HAWMC and check out WEGO’s Facebook page.  Don’t forget to Like Picnic With Ant’s Facebook Page too.  🙂

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