#HAWMC Day 23 – Say What??

Today is Day 23 of #HAWMC (WEGO’s Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge).  The prompt today is:

Say WHAT?!
What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition.
Was there any context?
What did you think at the time you heard it – and what do you think of it now?


This past year my husband called and set up my mammogram, he told them when he called that I’m deaf, so the attendant would be aware.  When we showed up for the appointment a woman came over to me and started signing.  I had no idea what she was there for.  She said that she was my interpreter.  I don’t know sign language.  The office assumed that I needed an interpreter because my husband told them I’m deaf.   Yes this was a nice gesture and it was something they could have assumed since he told them I’m deaf, but they didn’t ask, and it cost the office money to get an interpreter.

You would not believe how many people expect me to automatically know sign language and be able to read lips.  This knowledge was supposed to somehow magically absorb into my brain immediately when I lost my hearing.  Really, people expect this.  You would be surprised at the people who knew me before I lost my hearing and when I lost my hearing they thought I could magically read lips, even better are those who thought I could suddenly speak another language.

Another ridiculous thing I hear is to take certain supplements and I’ll be cured.  Normally I hear this from people trying to sell me these supplements, but not always.  I do take my share of supplements, they may help a little, but there is no way a supplement is going to cure me.  I have chronic illnesses, there is no cure.  Often people with Meniere’s are so desperate they will grasp at anything, but there is no cure, no one knows what causes it, a supplement is not going to make it go away.

The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard from a doctor happened just this past year.  I went to him after going to John Hopkins Medical Center (JH) about Meniere’s Disease to discuss having him do a procedure on me that the doctor at JH suggested.  I’d been to this doctor before, this was a visit to further discuss my tests and options.  He walked in and started talking about my tests then looked at me and said that I “might have this thing called Meniere’s”.   WHAT??????

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3 thoughts on “#HAWMC Day 23 – Say What??

    1. All my posts are tweeted. LOL. They also go to FB, Google plus and LinkedIn. I’m so connected. Snort!
      Oh, and I’ve been atypical a lot. I think every illness I have is atypical. Oh bother.


      1. I got “atypical” blah blah, but usually doesn’t cross the mid-line (pain go all the way to the other side of the face) so I’m unique too. That’s always fun, lol.
        You’ll have to teach me how to do all that.


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