#HAWMC Day 6 – Superpower Sunday!

Today is Day 6 of #HAWMC (WEGO’s Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge).  The prompt today is:

Superpower Sunday! If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

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I thought long and hard about this question and the first answer I came up with was the only logical one I could think of.  My super power would be the ability to control the biological structure of any organic matter.  In other words, I could heal.  (I’d be able to do harm if I chose, but I’m a good person, so I’d only use my ability to heal.  Of course, there are a few doctors that I wouldn’t mind feeling the way I have for a few moments. – NO! Really, I would only use my powers for good!!)

How would I use my powers?  Hand on head…”I heal you, and  you, and you….”  You think that would be simple.  I’d heal people.  But really things would get complicated very quickly.

I know I’d have to keep my ability a secret.  I’d have to be the typical super hero and have a secret identity.  I know I wouldn’t be able to help everyone and that would break my heart.  How would I chose?  Would I only be able to help those who happen to be close to me?  Would it simply appear to be a miracle?

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As much as I’d like to heal everyone I know I couldn’t, and I couldn’t sit around 24 hours a day just healing people.  Would I go around the country with a traveling show healing those who came to my tent?  “I Heal You Brother!” No, I don’t think that would work.  I know I’d like to heal those who I’ve met who have suffered so much, but there are so many more whom I have never met.

I know I’m going around in circles and repeating myself, but this is the problem with thinking up a superpower.  We don’t think about the reality of them.  I want to heal people, but I don’t know how to chose who to heal.  The reality is I won’t be able to heal everyone.  I’d have to live my life in secret.  I would only be able to heal those whom I came in contact with.  That wouldn’t be enough for me.

I think it’s best to not have a superpower.   We have to find our way in the world.  Perhaps we can change the world as we are.

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4 thoughts on “#HAWMC Day 6 – Superpower Sunday!

  1. HI Been a little busy however reading them, I wanted to share that yesterday I had a scary moment, for the first time in a long time, I had to pull over and stop, I am not sure if it was a vision migraine or the vertigo, it lasted about 10 minutes. Thankfully I was able to continue on. I hope you are well today.


    1. Oh Patricia I hate to hear that! That is so scary. I don’t drive any more because of the vertigo. Even having it happen when I’m in the car is horrible. I have been feeling better and thought maybe I could start driving again, then something will happen and I know I shouldn’t.
      I’m glad it didn’t last longer than about 10 minutes, but sure wish it hadn’t happened at all!!
      If you ever want to share your story, please know you are welcome to share it here. I’d love it if you did.
      I know you’ve been here supporting me and I always appreciate it. I look for you and I’m comforted that you are here. Thank you so much.
      My thoughts are with you that this was an isolated event. xo

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