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Ok, so I planned to enter more posts I’ve read that made an impact on me, but if you’ve read my last post you know I’ve been going through a mess.  I started this post before I started having the run on vertigo, and I really wanted to make sure everyone saw these wonderful posts.  There is a lot of good information out there and I’m ever so eager to share some of the things I’m learning.  (BTW, I’m feeling much better!!)

Recently I’ve been reading some really great posts and articles on-line and I’d really like to share a few.  I wish I’d written some of this great information.  So please take the time to read:

Markovich Photo Art
Markovich Photo Art

From ADD and So Much More, Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, MCC, SCAC takes on the subject of Loneliness ins a must read 3 part series:  Part 1 – The Importance of Community to Health  Part 2. –  Sliding Into Loneliness  Part 3  – When you’re longing for Connection

On Living with Hearing Loss, Shari Eberts asks the question Why is it Still OK to Make Fun of Hearing Loss?  If you have hearing loss, know someone who has hearing loss, or simply want understand the hearing loss world, you should check out this blog post and much of Shari’s blog.

Bipolar Barbie-Q takes on how it feels when you are in the throws of depression.  (this is a subject I plan to cover soon myself, but you need to read her post, it’s raw, and full of passion, and will give you a great understanding on how complicated depression is.  I’m the Queen of Run-On’s.


I hope you have a good read today.





5 thoughts on “Blog Posts I’d like to Share

  1. Good of you to continue fighting through the vertigo and provide others with the opportunity to discover what you have; to be impressed by what other’s have to give. And, what you have to give.


  2. Thank you SO much for sharing links to my Loneliness Epidemic 3-parter with your community.

    As you know, Wendy, my life has become far more isolated than is good for me since my move to Cincinnati – not the easiest town in which to make friends. So that’s what prompted the research and thinking on the topic that I shared on my blog. I have been surprised, actually, at the response to those articles – meaning the increased number of “hits” since I began posting the Series.

    Having a community of family and friends who share each others triumphs and tragedies is one of life’s true joys. It also appears to be essential to mental & physical health, as well as the healthy functioning of the immune system – one that is becoming in short supply in almost every population sub-group in so-called “first world” nations.

    But NOWHERE is community and connection tougher to keep in place than in the disabilities and chronic health population. The GOOD news is that bloggers can create virtual communities that are health enhancing — as long as they do not remain one-sided and as long as the people who read and reply actually relate as they might in face-to-face conversations.

    Soooooo – not only is it good for everybody’s SEO to share articles, ideas and thoughts through links to, and comments on, blogs other than our own, the research indicates that it can actually improve our health and well being!!

    SO – I’m hoping your sharing of so many of the articles of others in this post means that your current vertigo will be subsiding more quickly that it might have otherwise. (Like SOON, God – give this girl a much deserved BREAK!)


  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I can’t imagine what it’s like with vertigo. I get lots of migraines which get me dizzy.
    Thanks for sharing your links! 🙂
    🐻 💜 🐜
    Ps. I love that pic of the ants picnicking!


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