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I thought I’d share with you new tool I’ve been using.

I recently read an article over on Buddhaimonia about keeping a mindfulness journal.

He talks a lot about keeping a journal and how to maximize your journal as a mindfulness tool.

There was one suggestion that he made that I thought would help me to not only recognize when I’m being mindful, but also help me to actually be more mindful.

My mindfulness journal includes – 3 Mindful Things Each Day.  Each day I try to write down 3 times during the day that I noticed I was being mindful.  This hasn’t just made me note times I’ve been mindful, but it encourages me to be more mindful.  I’ll be doing something and think, “whoa, take your time and really notice what you are doing, you can note this in your journal later.”  It brings to the surface that I need to be more mindful.  It also helps when I feel I haven’t been very mindful when I can think back over my day and realize, wow, I have been mindful today.   I can increase the number of mindful things journal about if I want, but I’m trying to always note at least 3.

I’ll give you a quick example of one.  I was sitting in the car waiting for Stuart to come out of the store and I started to reach for my phone to keep me company, instead I thought; “this is a great mindful opportunity”.  So I started to really notice all the things around me.  I felt the breeze has it caressed my skin.  I saw it was slightly blowing a sign in the window and making it wave a little, I noticed the reflections in the glass and how the colors change in the reflection from what they look in real life.  I noticed a little bug crawling across the windshield, and watched him on his journey.  I felt the suns warmth, and closed my eyes to really feel the atmosphere around me.  I took note of how my body felt pressed against the seat….   I tried hard not to think about what we would be doing next, I wanted to just be there in that moment as it was.

You can see what I mean, I tried my best to be right there in that moment, instead of distracting myself with my phone.  Because I’m writing these moments down, it makes me remember to do such things more often.  Hopefully, being mindful will become more second nature.

I’ve kept a gratitude journal for a long time.  I write down 3 things I’m grateful for each day.  this is a practice I suggest everyone take the time to do.  It really helps us put in perspective that we have something to be grateful for every day, even on days we don’t feel like it.  (some days when I’m having a really hard day I will realize how grateful I am for running water, having food every day, having a safe place to live….  We can always find things to be grateful for, we just need to remember it.

Do you keep a journal?  Is it specific like mine, or do you wir




5 thoughts on “Mindfulness Journal

  1. I journal every morning (except when I was really sick). I try to use it as a way to ground myself for the day and I kind of go over the past day and how it went and what I plan to do that day. I use writing to lift myself up, I guess.

    I have done morning pages before and a gratitude journal. I like your idea of a mindfulness journal to help keep you thinking about it all day. Great idea! 🙂


  2. You describe your moment of mindfulness well. I can see how keeping a journal such as that would be helpful to your practice of mindfulness.
    I am hopeless at journals. I’m better off for not trying (and thus stressing).


    1. That’s the reason I have so many journals that have a few pages written and then nothing. then when i go back to them I feel bad that I didn’t keep it up.
      with this I’m gentle with myself. If I don’t come up with 3 things. that’s ok. If I miss a day, oh well. I’m just doing it to help me be more mindful and grateful, stressing over it would defeat the purpose I think.
      I’ve done a gratitude journal before. as you know, but i always forget some days. I’m trying to keep this up. We’ll see.


  3. bipolarbarbieq

    My journals have changed through the ages but this is such a great thing I should be doing now. I try to do my mindfulness crap when I practice my 5-10 minute meditations on the daily but I should incorporate this to my daily pen writings. You rock for dedicating a post to this. ❤ I mean you rock in general but you know, words 🙂 (My brain is mush and I wish I could sleep but I have a sore throat and it’s upsetting me as well as slowing my brain down ullchh). ❤ ❤ ❤


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