A visit to the ER…what will they find out this time!

For the pat couple of weeks I’ve been having the intense muscle spasms on my right side.  They have always accord during during times of vertigo, or extreme opsilopsia.  I thought it was connected ti the axity brought on by the to things.  Until, last nighy.  I wasn’t really having much vertigo and the shocking w
Got much, much wore,  i had 2 attacks at home, and 4 in the hospital…so far, es getting progressively worse.
Yes they are Salling it seizures. Focal seizures. 

My bight thought.


of course it couldn’t be easy, they did the normal chekup, ran labs, a CT scan…all negative.   I’ve ever had an EEG….measuring my brain waves….ohhhh…oh course I did not have an attack during the attach so it won’t so anything.  I haven’t seen the nerologist yet, but the doc on call thinks they will order a 24hr EEG, a CT scan with contrast, and if the don’t find anything they may have to take my cochlear implant out so I can grt an MRI,  they Don’t want to miss anything

4my dizzion id dlutturf andim seerinevmoupopp liy ui

I m chronicscolllillonically ill get sicker it can cause a huge mess, above and be young the message we already live in.
People who have stuck around star o driwndle. I never expected this from my main group on friends, but I took a long time  for me to get t place we’re I could sosialize, and still I can do what I used to….there has to be compromomise, as Denise pointed out in her ltouchig post Cowlick.  (Denise writes a great blog about living with Meniere’s, having hearing loss, living with the joys and challenges of having a sevice dog..she is a wonderful advocate and I find her bog to be filled with a plethora of information….now jump on over there, you will love the store behind the title Hearing Elmo  warning…she doesn’t pull puches, she will let you know what’s going on.  I admire her….yes Denise, I still admire you, pity party aside, I’m only diappointed to did invite me!  I could have brought a big bottle of a Whine, 
ight no i hv to ttk r o my darling hudand, anfg I oftntitreless husdane, and exhausted agvust0p0oeaw hep if you San  

I’m no brdeudr  mydself trighy noŕ…..my ftrhrtenreenrdmr snf i vany vco, cnbi mun somo0nhypuy0mu7had made inetrubytioncn u

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11 thoughts on “A visit to the ER…what will they find out this time!

  1. Like Linda, I hope the typing issues aren’t due to your seizures, but being in the hospital, possibly on drugs, and such.
    Not sure I understand all that you wrote. But, I get a sense of the fear and frustration. Not easy. Anything I say will be trite so: remember Warrior Princesses stumble every now and then — that’s why we wear armour.
    Let us know how things are going.


  2. Don’t we differently-abled folks give the best “parties”? I’m so sorry you are having a super tough time. Be sure to mention you recently had balance testing. I’ve known Menieres folks who had nystagmus and seizure activity months after having their vestibular system so stressed. Thinking about you and wishing you answers and good health.


  3. Have they looked into your hormone levels? something is off, what kind of fillings do you have in your teeth? Are they nickel? I ask due to a friend having a hug issue and it was the fillings in her teeth. Anything is possible, hugs I hope they figure this out. Feel better.


  4. We are rooting for you. I know the tests are exhausting. I hope something appears and gives them an a-ha moment, and you can get something lined up that will give you some relief from all of the symptoms. Hugs and love to you. ❤


  5. I’m worried about you – this post is scrambled, as I imagine is your brain during all this. Prayers for your health – and your husband’s courage during this frightening time.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


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