4 days…….What if?

Surgery is in 4 days.

I’ve been very nervous about a few things, mostly my vertigo and how it will affect my recovery.  I don’t like not having a plan.  When I don’t have a plan, I get scared.  I don’t like to admit fear.  I’m not nervous about the surgery itself.  I’m not nervous about normal hip replacement recovery.  I’m nervous about what I’ll do if I have a vertigo attack right after surgery.  What will I do if I can’t roll over on my left side if I have positional vertigo and the only way it is relieved is by lying on my left side?……I’m afraid of falling…….I’m afraid of how I’ll bathe …..

Then I really sat down and faced my fears….What if?

drawing by me....haha
drawing by me….haha

Really, what if these things happened, what is the worst that would happen?

About having positional vertigo….I can’t lie on my left side….ok, maybe it will be relieved by just turning my head to the left while lying on my back, or tilting it to the left while sitting up, or maybe twisting my upper body will do it?  If not, well golly, when I have vertigo from a Meniere’s attack I can’t get relief, and I live through it, I’ll live through it.  I won’t like it, but I’ll survive.  There is a maneuver that can be done that will stop the vertigo when I have BPPV, it does involve turning me partially on my left side for a bit, but I think it can be adapted.  I’ll just have to deal with it.  That is the biggest thing isn’t it.  I will deal with it.

About having vertigo while walking…or having a drop attack….Well I sure can’t control that!  If it happens, hopefully I can fall well.  Oh, I just giggled, I couldn’t help it.  I really do try my best to fall well on a day to day basis, and I do a pretty good job of it, I’ve only broken one bone!!  No concussions!  (Honestly you have no idea what a feat that is!!)  I don’t know how to fall well right after a hip replacement.  However, I am going to make sure I know how before I leave the hospital.  I’ll have the physical therapist show me the best way to move my leg if I fall.  Maybe if I fall I can do that, if not….well hopefully my hip won’t come out of joint.  If it does, we’ll deal with it.  It isn’t ideal, but something I just can’t control, no matter how much of a plan I have.  I can’t have someone with me 24 hours a day for over a month…or three….to walk with me, holding on to me, so that if I suddenly have vertigo of a drop attack they can catch me and help me.  I’d still end up on the floor.  OH…that’s another thing I’ll have to make sure I know how to do…how do I get up off the floor???  Guess that comes along with how to fall huh?  I wonder how many people ask the PT….so, what is the best way to fall?   hahaha    “Well first, hold on to your walker for dear life!”  *snicker*

I have to admit, I’m a little afraid about how to get in and out of the tub and taking a shower.  Our bathroom is not ideal.  It is not level.  The tub is far from being level.  I’ve never been able to stand in it to take a shower.  My balance is simply not that good.  I have only taken baths since we’ve been here.  The only times I’ve taken a shower has been when I’ve gone to the pool….maybe I could just go to the pool a couple of days a week to shower.  haha….yeah, that would work…considering I’m not getting aqua therapy any more, I’m sure they would let me just come in and use the pool plus it’s a about a 20 minute ride from my house….not the best idea, but it’s just a nice shower!!!!   I’m curious if the shower seat is going to sit level.  When you have a hip replacement you can’t bend your leg beyond 90 degrees, and you can’t put all your weight on that leg. so stepping in the tub is a no-no.  I have to sit down and have a straight leg out and slide in the tub.  They make a special seat for this, but our toilet is in the say.  I have not figured out how to make this work yet, but I’m sure the physical therapist who comes over the day after I get home will be able to do it.  I’m sure they have seen everything.   Hey, I know, I’ll just sit on the seat with my legs out of the tub.  Stuart can help wash the part that’s in the tub, and then he can wash my legs out side the tub.  Yep that will work.  hahaha.  Hey, worst case scenario.  We will work it out.

So…..What if?

What if?….. isn’t so scary now is it??


9 thoughts on “4 days…….What if?

    1. Ms Debra, you are miss very much too my lady!! Thank you for your prayers, sure am wanting this to go speedy! 🙂 and easy. 😉
      Hope to see you as quick as I can travel.


    1. yep Lisa…..almost there. I know you will be thinking of me and sending all the thoughts and pleasant things you can my way!!! and considering how things have just turned out with your sister, I know your good thoughts and prayers and love work!
      love you lady! xoxo back at ya!


  1. Good luck. I try to fall well, too.
    I’ve fractured my wrist, done something strange to my knee (my knees are strange shapes from falling, broken glasses (many times), a black eye or two, cuts (just about everywhere) same with bruises. I’m a faller and the meds I on and some motor skill damage due to medication doesn’t help!
    But I’ve learned not to fall face forward, not to land on the same wrist I fractured, not to land on my bum too hard, to turn and fall on my side. But then I don’t (yet) have hip problems.
    I think you will do fine. You’ve prepared as much as possible and your PT person will help you with how to fall, etc. I think you should sneak into the shower at the pool. Wear a bathing suit, and no-one will notice, lol.
    Will be thinking of you on Tuesday. I’ll be at the dentist, but I will think of you over the noises and vibrations I don’t like. It will take my mind off what my dentist is doing (putting a cap on a root-canaled tooth.)


    1. Glad I can take your mind off of what the dentist is doing…..loving kindness to you during that. I’ll be unconscious so I won’t be able to send you thoughts when it’s happening. 🙂
      The pool is in a retirement home, the PT has a contract to use their pool a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for PT. You have to sign in at the desk. I think it would be odd if 2 patients signed it for the same time. haha. and it’s a but of a drive away….getting in and out of our car is going to be a challenge! We need a bigger car for this!

      I think you need to bubble wrap suit!! You need to fall more careful. I walk near walls so I can slide down. I try to go limp and do the rag doll thing. Of course, I got a walker so I can hold on for dear life sometimes. Walls really are my friend!! There are many people with this who have had multiple concussions….I’m very lucky I haven’t ever had one. I did fall once and hit my head and hurt my neck, but it wasn’t serious. I didn’t fall well.

      2 days…..as bad as the pain has been lately….I am so ready!!!


  2. After ,my last surgery I couldn’t get in the shower or tub either. I got body wipes (like baby wipes) and had a wash basin from the dollar store, I just washed up that way, but not being able to wash my hair made me nuts. Since I was alone most of the day when everyone went to work, I put my phone in a pocket, or around my neck in case I did fall, so I could call somebody. i’m praying you don’t have any vertigo attacks…….so scary. Just take it easy, rest and stay calm!



    1. mo,
      Oh I know the wipe trick! I also wash up at the sink a lot when I’m too dizzy. Washing the hair, I thought I found the perfect thing, but it doesn’t work very well. There are these shower caps that have shampoo you don’t have to rinse out in them. You warm them a little in the microwave and you put them on and scrub. Well they have conditioner too. Too much conditioner! my hair felt like it had wayyy too much product in it. I went from having dirty roots to having icky hair all over. Stuart said it looked clean, but it felt awful, and the next day it looked dirty again! Those things are like $5 a piece. I can’t use them every day! I normally wash my hair every week to a week and a half. At least now I can put it in a pony tail.
      We’ll work it out.
      We got a great shower head that is long and you can turn it off and on at the head, so even if I can just sit on the edge of the tub, we can get my hair done. We may have to mop the floor, but we can do it! hahaha Just think how funny it will be!!

      I always keep my phone with me now, since I often fall anyway. 🙂

      I’m actually much calmer now. Stuart is taking next week off. My sister will be here a lot of the next week, and any time I need, Stuart can work from home. So I will be fine, I’m sure. Woke up this morning with a much less dizzy head!!

      Thank you my friend.
      xoxo w


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