Me So Stoopid!

I know I’m having a hard time with cognitive issues lately.  I can’t remember a lot, and there are times I’m just confused.   I should have taken precautions because of this…but I didn’t even think about it.

I goofed on my medication.  Don’t say it…I do have a medicine box….and Stuart fills it for me lately because I’m so wonky in the head, however, I always take my Diamox (the medicine that keeps my CSF lower) at a different time than the rest of my meds.  I take one as soon as I wake up, even if I’m going back to sleep, I need to keep the night and morning dose less than 10 hours apart.  I also take my night dose just as I’m going to go to sleep…..again to keep not too many hours between them.  If I don’t I get a blinding headache when I wake up.  I also take one in the afternoon….I don’t take any other med in the afternoon, so I don’t have a 3 slot box….just AM and PM.   (I hope that makes sense)

OH, I should say….I take one in the AM, one in the afternoon, and 2 at night.  (the 2 at night helps stop the headache thing)

Well yesterday, and I’m not sure I didn’t mess up the night before too….I just don’t know, I tell you I’m confused…and it’s worse now.  But, yesterday morning I took 2 instead of 1… CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) dropped, too low.   So I stayed in bed lying flat trying to keep my pressure as even as I could.  Not a good day.  I did not take my afternoon dose, and I thought that would be it.  I went one over, so taking one less should make it right.  Ummmm, nope.   I took 2 at bed time, and I got so sick!  I had a headache at an 8 on a scale of 1 – 10.  Luckily, my migraine meds and ice on my head lessened the headache…but I was swimmy headed (as my mother used to say), and very nauseous.  And so confused.  I will lie here and think, “why am I here?, what am I supposed to be doing?, why does my head hurt?  why is the roaring in my ears so LOUD?…”  I start to get to get all teary because I’m just so off…’s very hard to explain.  I feel lost and very anxious about it.

Description from These cartoon cats are looks confused. One of them said that " I'm just so confused". Their faces are really crazy as funny cartoon faces.
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This morning I woke up and felt great!  For the first time in months.  Stuart was still asleep and I actually pondered going downstairs and making him breakfast, but didn’t know when he’d wake and wanted him to sleep as long as he could….he’s been feeling a bit run down…I wonder why?   Then I got up!  Oh no, I would not be trying to navigate the stairs today, I wouldn’t be doing much, but lying flat….again.  Damn.  I was so happy when I woke up, but that bubble busted pretty fast.  I was so ticked off, then Stuart pointed out….how many days have you woken up feeling good lately?  None….for a LONG time.  So even that is a victory.  We’ll get this medication mix up straightened out.  (he will be giving me that medication from now on, or until I stop feeling so wonky in the head anyway.)

FYI – Speaking of Stuart…..he has had one or two phone interviews and has more lined up….and possibly an in person interview soon.  Most local.  I don’t think we will have to move…but if we do, we’ll handle it.  As long as we’re together.


6 thoughts on “Me So Stoopid!

  1. While moving (oh… I need to post on that…) I forgot to take my Diamox.. and not only did I feel like I was going to die… but I also my tinnitus went CRAZY. Then… I started taking my normal dose… and found I had to add some extra for a few days. Tried to take only one this am… not doing that again for a while.. because even though I had a good day at work… I had the worst headache… back to two in the AM.

    Hope things get sorted for you soon.


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