Pictures…do they say a thousand words?

I haven’t posted pictures in a while.  Thought I’d share a few.  I’ll update on me later…, scenes from my life.

photo of courtyard at Duke Clinics in Durham, NC on a lovely spring day.
Tucson from back porch
View from back porch in Tucson, AZ
being silly Easter 2012
Me being silly..on a good day out with Stuart…Easter 2912
hair soon gone
Me before hair donation….if you look close you can see Stuart in the mirror.
my new do
What a difference!
Our 2 year old nephew sitting on daddy's lap (you don't see much of daddy) This child is always laughing and smiling....wonder what he's thinking? A big boy!
Meet JD (Johnathan David) our nephew, he just turned 2 and is wearing size 4 clothes.
max and Sandy lying beside me
I found this photo and had to share. Sandy and Max with me….you can’t see me. What a great friendship they had.
me and max
Me and Max in Tucson. I am a good cat bed.
me and stuart
Me and Stuart being silly after a rough day.
me at Rachels 5th
Me at Rachel’s (our niece) 5th birthday party..
sorry, slightly out of focus.
me with john and margaret
Me with Stuart’s father and step mother, at Rachel’s party.
Rachel 5yrs old
Rachel. the apple of my eye.
Rachel loves her aunt Stuart
Rachel with Stuart at her party…she told him he was her new bestest, best friend.
Rachel with Stuart
Rachel talking with her “Aunt” Stuart. She has always called him Aunt Stuart no matter how ofter she’s been corrected. It’s very cute. Here they are talking about broccoli on pizza. (She’s loves broccoli and pizza, she didn’t know you could get them together!)
straw wrapper girl doing a dance
I made a girl out of a straw wrapper…she likes to dance!
Being silly makes me feel better.
front drive in Tucson in snow
I go to Tucson in the winter to stay warm….and it actually snowed! This is the front drive. (It melted very fast)
snow in Tucson
A view from the backyard during the snow.
Since we were staying on a gold course the snow stayed on the grass a little longer, there were some interesting snow people made that day. You can tell when people do not see snow very often!

max looking at me
Max being curious…you should see how many times it took me to get this photo. He kept moving it’s actually a cute series. I love this photo…no green glowing eyes!
Max on my side
Me in bed asleep lying on my side with Max draped across me. He only did this when we were in Tucson, he never does it at home. ??curious?? I thought it was funny, but HOT.
me after lumbar puncture
Sorry a bit out of focus….oh and the picture is too.
This is after the last lumber puncture I had, getting ready to go home.

So there’s a photo catch up for you.

I hope you enjoyed it.  A photo can often say more than words, and it seems I’ve been pretty slack at writing words lately.


5 thoughts on “Pictures…do they say a thousand words?

  1. Cool! I loved seeing all your pics! funny that you had snow in Tucson–LOL! And that Max slept on you only in Tucson. How odd, but cute! Rachel is just a little doll. I love that she calls him Aunt Stuart. These were really great to see. Thanks and hope you’re doing okay over there. 🙂


    1. Judy, of course you can put Max’s picture on the upcoming Freddie page. I like that photo….but his head looks much smaller in that picture than in real life…he is such a big cat! As you can see in the photo where he’s lying on me. One big boy…and he’s not fat…I feel I always have to say that because most people thing..Big = Fat, but he’s just a “large bred” as my vet says.

      I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much as I’d like. The days kind of run together lately…hopefully not for much longer.


  2. Thanks for sharing the pix. Feels like I was over for a visit and tagged along to the other festivities.
    And if it never rains in southern California, I guess it never snows in Tucson, lol.
    Hope you are feeling better.


    1. I’m so glad you could be there! I don’t do much, but it was nice to have photos to share. To tell the truth, Rachel’s birthday party put me through hell. All the noise and flashing lights, we did leave early, but got to see her again in a couple of days so that was a treat. (I only saw her 3 times when I was in Tucson for 5 months.) I’ll admit….it did unplug my CI a lot during the party. : )


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