Daily Schedule #HAWMC Day 25

Today I’m using a prompt from the Extra prompts they sent us.

Daily Schedule. Write a list of your daily routine from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Be honest!

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Honestly, I don’t have a set schedule for any day. My days are ruled by my conditions. If I’m having a day filled with vertigo, or migraines I spend the day in bed. If my hearing is way down, I spend the day as alone as possible. I often have doctor’s appointments.  My days change from one to the next, a lot.  If I’m feeling a bit better, I do more….

Here’s a recent weekend day.

After a restless nights sleep I awake around 9am with a blinding headache. I’m seeing double, with shadow spots on the walls. I take the medication that should lower my CSF pressure(cerebrospinal fluid pressure), and wait to see if it will relieve the pain. My husband brings me some breakfast in bed, along with the rest of my morning medications. The headache has not eased. Finally, I decide I should take some migraine and pain medication also. I try to sleep some more, this time sitting up, hoping my CSF pressure will lessen.

Noon – The headache is still there but much better, I’m hungry, but not sure I’m steady enough to go down the stairs. My husband brings me lunch. I decide to check my email, and do some things on the computer. Focusing up close is much easier than focusing at a distance.

2pm – Time for my next CSF pressure pill. I’m feeling much better, and steadier. We decide to take advantage of this time feeling a bit better. I want to go to the local Co-Op to pick up vegetables and meat for dinners for the week. We had a good trip to the store, and a nice ride home.

4pm – Home. I’m tired just from the little bit of shopping we did, and the ride. I help put the groceries away, and start to plan dinner. I turn and feel the world move. Oh no.

5pm – 9:30pm I have vertigo. This vertigo is caused by the Intracranial Hypertension, not the Meniere’s. I can tell because if I keep my head in one position and concentrate on something still close to me I will stop spinning, but if I move, the vertigo returns. If I was having a vertigo attack from Meniere’s I would not be able to stop it, no matter what.

9:30pm I am completely exhausted from the vertigo attack. Finally, I can move. I eat a little something, and head to bed….with a lot of help from my husband.  Take my nightly medications, and try to sleep.

This is a somewhat normal day. I don’t always have vertigo. I do normally wake up with a blinding headache that often takes hours to get under control. And we always try to take advantage of any time that I’m feeling well enough to do something. (I know going grocery shopping doesn’t sound exciting to most, but I love to cook, so shopping for food is exciting to me.)


2 thoughts on “Daily Schedule #HAWMC Day 25

  1. Fizzy

    Isnt it hard not knowing what is going to happen and when, so nothing can be planned EVER ! I love how you can have a horrible day like this, then just get yourself up when you have a break from things and go out 😀 Big thumbs down for the vertigo, but its is so helpful for others to see exactly how hard life can be when you are dealing with all of this, and you do it so well ! and LOL about small things, isnt it amazing how exciting it is to do things that others do every single day, I still get excited to go to the letterbox haha and i stand out the front with a HUGE smile on my face. I guess it is one way to never take anything for granted ever again xx


  2. Yes! It is a great way to learn to never take things for granted!!
    some days of course, I can’t pull myself up after a vertigo attack, but luckily this wasn’t one of them. : )
    Often, even if it’s a light attack, I’m out of the day. Just zonked….like yesterday. Woke up a little spinny, never felt right all day. Just laid on the couch feeling like I was doped up.
    Those are some icky days.

    But then the good ones come. Right? You taught me that!


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