Such a Tight Group – I’ve noticed 2 AWOL

We are such a tight group, it’s so comforting to me, and sometimes so heart wrenching.

I may not know my on line friends in person, but I feel their pain just as much as I would if they were standing right here with me.  If they have a set back, I feel it.  If they have a loss, I feel it.  In the same way, if they have a milestone, I’m feeling their joy, if they learn something new I’m so very thrilled.  I share in their pain, their joys, and all the things in between.

I also worry when they disappear.

I had an email friend simply disappear for months.  Where did she go?  Was she Okay?  Turns out, yes.  Just busy and lost track of me.  That’s alright.  I’m just grateful she’s alright.

Now I’m VERY concerned.  TWO of my regular blogging friends have been AWOL since the 18th and 19th.  Where could they be. Both of these women normally post almost every day, if they don’t post, they comment on someone’s blog.  I haven’t noticed any action from either.  These women both have some serious medical conditions that could cause them to have to be hospitalized at a moment’s notice.  However, I’m just a blogging friend.  What can I do?  I’ve emailed both.  One I also messaged on Facebook, and messaged her husband on Facebook.  I have both of their home addresses, and considered calling the police to see if they could just drop by to check on them, but they don’t live alone, I know they would have been cared of if something happened.  The best scenario.  Computer crash!  I don’t have phone numbers.  I’ve never thought to ask, heck, I don’t want to seem like an on-line stalker.  And I’m VERY hard of hearing, what do I need someone’s phone number for?  I feel very helpless at this moment.

Most everyone who reads this blog knows Judith of Creativity to the Max – if you have heard from her, please let me know.  I’m worried about our tribal leader.

You may also have heard me talk about Fiona of The Angoaraphobic’s Blog – she has been pretty sick lately.  And from what I can see hasn’t been on line or on Facebook since the 19th.  She isn’t usually out of contact with me this long, especially since my new diagnosis.  I did just message her husband on Facebook, so I’m hoping he will let me know what’s going on.  She’s in Australia, and Judith’s on the opposite side of the country from me, it’s not like I can just jump in the car and go check on them

So everyone please, put your feelers out, if you have heard anything.  Let me know.

You know how this child worries, and stress is not good for me!


18 thoughts on “Such a Tight Group – I’ve noticed 2 AWOL

  1. Judith posted, she’s fine but she’s not. Read her post and you will understand. You and I have good instincts but she is alive just not feeling the best. I told her what happened to (gulp) Callie since she asked. WE ALL NEED TO HEAL. love you girlfriend, Laurie


    1. Thanks for letting me know she posted. I did get an email notice…I think, but I saw yours first. I can’t see how to comment to it. I’ll drop her a line to let her know I’m still thinking about her and understand….boy do I understand. We all do. And just because she’s a professional doesn’t mean she can’t reach out!
      We do need some healing time.


      1. Wendy,
        we will put you in charge of a healing girlfriend long weekend, in your house – haha or in a local hotel. we won’t make you travel and we won’t put dear Stuart to work, we’ll just all come to you when you are ready. Who is in? ME for sure, Laurie


        1. Oh I’d love to have a Girlfriend weekend! I keep thinking, when I can travel…keep thinking that it will be soon then something else happens. I’m going to see my friends. Or if others feel well we could meet somewhere. So much fun!!

          the other missing friend has been found. She has been very sick! And just did not feel like getting on the computer…ugh! poor thing. She lives in Australia. Stuart and I plan to go see her on our 10th anniversary Sept. 2014. If she’s up to it. But for those of us in the States, and Canada, I’d love to get together, and meet. get some REAL HUGS!!! love you girls


  2. Just got notice that Judy/Judith has posted. I was wondering about her too. I can’t get her posts to work on my computer — often makes it freeze up, so if you or Laurie could let me know what she has to say, it would be great.
    Sorry about your other friend being AWOL. Hope she is alright, and it’s just a computer crash!


  3. So strange because I was thinking of sending Judy an email as well. Although, I think it was us who talked about not seeing as many posts lately from various people. I know I had the conversation with someone. *Brain work*

    I’m going to check out her post now.


  4. Thanks, Wendy — I got her post from you. I’ve had problems with the comments, even before I couldn’t get her blog to work. So, I’ve really been out of the loop — in the email notice (like yours and other folks) there is a snippet of the post, but that’s all I get.
    It explains some of what’s been going on, but not having read posts of late, I didn’t realize she was also going off some (all?) of her meds. I knew she’d been having a lot of heart trouble, but withdrawal on top of that is very nasty indeed.


    1. You know I missed it too the first read. But if you look at her post on line, she mentions going off some meds. It seems some med that was helping the fibro pain, but evidently was interfering with the heart stuff, at least that’s the jest I get. So they are messing with her meds it sounds like. I think I’m just so used to that, it didn’t faze me to read it.

      will catch you tomorrow. w


  5. I’m glad everyone is fine…I am two or three days behind on most of my reading, except you guys…Laurie, Phylor, Wendy, Judy, Tammy (is she OK?) and Maureen.
    It is unusual to not see Judy/Judith posting or commenting, and with Max being silent it does cause a sort of panic to her online sisters!



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