Yes, it’s still my blog here….it has many personalities…or something. Plus update on symptoms, and Spring.

You may read my blog from your email, and haven’t even seen it….but if you have, you may have said…”she’s at it again!”

and yes I am….I just didn’t like it.  Too busy, and I didn’t like the page color.

So many things I can’t change on Word Press.

And I don’t have Photoshop right now, I’ve been trying to use Gimp…but I’m so lost with that program it were a real book I would have torn it to shreds by now.  Ugh!!!

This looks like me, trying to use Gimp.
(image source free clip art.)

I miss Photoshop, I need to buy it, but I need to buy a teacher or student version…I really can’t afford the off the rack price.  whew.  That’s like the difference between designer clothes and thrift store, for the same goods!  I just don’t get it!

So for now I wait.

Did you know on WordPress you have Pay to change the CSS on your blog?  You have to pay to change your font….yes thank you can get around that one by writing in Word then copying over, but not all fonts copy over right.  And I’m lazy.  I’m just shocked at all the things that are now considered “upgrades” that used to be free.  I know this is a commerce driven world, but it makes me sad when you start with something because it offers certain features free, then it changes.  And I’m sorry, I’m not paying $30 a year to be able to customize my blog.  Heck I can’t even do it, I’d have to get my hubby or my friend Vincent to do it.  And I’d only do it about once a year, tops. If I found the perfect look, I’d probably change very few things ever again!

OK….So, I hope you won’t think ill of me during this transition time.  I like the retro look.  I’m going to try to put little ants in the header, and that will probably be it for a while.  If I can get that done.

Symptom Update: My headaches, had decreased, but recently every time I go to sleep when I wake up I have a blinding headache, like a white light pierces my brain, the intensity doesn’t last for long…but the headache doesn’t go less than a category 6.  So I’m a bit icky most of the day.  But it’s better than it was!

Visual problems are better.  The one that has really stuck around is the…oh I don’t know how to describe it…not only can I not see white on black very well, the white looks gray, but black doesn’t look black-black.  It has this variable tone.  Everything looks a little off in tonal values.  Which is very odd for me.  But I can still tell what color is what, I’m not color blind!!  Yay!  I just can’t tell if they have white  or black added to them.

Very tired.  But not sure if it’s the disorder or the meds, both can cause it.

The Meniere’s has been staying away.  I think the surgery in December worked for that.  The hearing in my left ear, is still gone.  Right is more sloshy.  Had that hearing aid adjusted and I keep asking Stuart, “what’s that noise?”  and telling him to stop yelling at me.  Funny huh?  Now, which will come first, the cochlear implant of the shunt?  Each are inevitable, it’s just which one makes its requirement known first.  Of course, the shunt could be much more important for health reasons, but who knows how long the medication may work.  So much to consider, so much out of my hands.  (don’t you hate that?)

That’s all for today.  Hope everyone is enjoying the First Day of Spring.  (I don’t feel like we had a Winter.)  Everything is blooming at once, my allergies have gone mad!!

I should be saving these for next month.  : )


8 thoughts on “Yes, it’s still my blog here….it has many personalities…or something. Plus update on symptoms, and Spring.

  1. I look like her any time I confront anything new on the computer–LOL! I wouldn’t want to pay extra for an upgrade, either. Geez!

    Sounds like the shunt might be first. All this pressure is very detrimental to your general health and well-being–and your eyesight! Goodness!

    I keep hoping things will just get better on their own and you won’t need the shunt. But the problem seems to be hanging in there. Dang it all!!

    Hugs, love, prayers, and good energy! Rita


    1. Rita,

      The symptoms are getting better. I think we have a while for the medicines to work. We still have a stronger one if this one doesn’t work. : ) Want to put it off as long as we can, on both….let the technology get as high as it can before I have to get it! I want the best of the best. hehehe

      Just thought of another program I have that I may be able to use to do what I want to do on the header….it will still be a very simple statement….but I’ll have some ants….have to have some ants!

      thank you for thinking of me. a little bit of eye problems are to be expected. unfortunately. somethings have probably been a little damaged from all the times before, now I just know to look for it, funny how that is huh?

      hugs. wendy


    1. I will get some ants back in there, but dang it all I had a fight with GIMP and just needed to walk away for a while. Can’t get my Bamboo tablet to load to my new computer…is that stupid or what? A new tablet…got in September…got the Computer last month. The drawing pad worked great with my old computer, but doesn’t like the new one. I’ll figure it out. and will have some ants…but fewer this time. simpler. : ) wendy


  2. I like the look of the blog. Nice clean lines but I do miss those ants. Some of them had attitude!

    I know it’s a good idea to try out different meds if you can do that, as opposed to surgery. But, it’s still the waiting on your end. I hope something happens quickly (in a good way, nothing bad) so that a decision is made, one way or the other.

    We’re still having a mini-heat wave and the temperatures are going to drop this weekend, but will still be warmer than usual for this time of year.

    Happy Spring!


    1. Some ants will return, I promise!!!!

      This past weekend we went for a ride with the top down! It was in the 80’s F, don’t know what that is in Celsius…not that bright about conversions. I should be able to at least know in the ball park better, I’ll have to learn…that will be a goal.

      Enjoy your weather!!



  3. Many of the things once free and easily available in cyberspace now cost, or make you go through a complicated registration process (even if the information is “free”) meaning one more site knows about you. (This isn’t paranoia — having had my hotmail account hacked, I wonder how “secure” some sites really are and ask questions, I’d prefer NOT to answer.)

    Thanks for the update on your current health situation. Hopefully, you will “know” which order the surgeries must come in.

    Just having to “worry” about your health, and having headaches will take a lot out of you energy-wise, to say nothing about meds and other health issues.

    We had virtually NO winter so far; an early snowstorm when all the leaves were still on the trees did a lot of damage as did windstorms. The temps have been incredible and might reach 80 this week. Then, we’re getting a cool down for a while. Various records for overall mean temperature and lack of snow have been broken so far.
    Last winter, there was more snow here than in Nova Scotia (in Canada) and colder, too. NS continues to have milder and less snowy winters.

    I think global warming is happening much quicker than originally thought; just look at the melting glaciers, sea ice in the Arctic and Anartica.

    But, rather than think gloom and doom, let’s enjoy the daffodils, crocuses and spring birdsong!

    Don’t know what GIMP is, but I hope you can get your ants back somehow! If I think of any wordpress “work arounds” I’ll let you know. Me giving tech advice; what is the world coming to, lol.


    1. GIMP is a free graphics program, supposedly much like Photoshop. I was a duffus, and forgot that I do have Photoshop Elements still….duh. Not as handy as a graphics tool, it’s really made just for photos. But I played a little and got a few ants back, unfortunately, what they looked like in the “making your header” area on WP, is not what they looked like on the actual Blog so the last “s” in ants got over one of the ants, and my plaid doesn’t line up. And, yes, I have no idea how to fix that part. Plus I wasn’t that careful when I cut out the ants so there is a lot of white around them. But they will work for now. : ) Hey, I’m not a professional, I just like to play!!

      And I promise I’ll stop bitching about WP, it’s not really polite to bitch about the platform I’m using is it.

      I once had a very popular GF cooking blog on Blogger, and switched it to WP…why? Don’t know, at the time I thought it was more prestigious. I put up a lot of notification that I was moving, left a nice little link in the last post to send you to my new site….know how many people followed me? 8 Out of nearly 200 followers, I had 8 that followed me to my new site. That’s why I’m afraid to move. Especially now that I have a new diagnosis and who knows how much I’ll be talking about Meniere’s.

      So, I’m here, for now. Maybe for good. We’ll see.

      You know I did see, what you said that they want us to post about our post daily on their FB page, and tweet using their tag thing. I don’t know if I’ll look at my computer every day. I’ll have my post automatically post. That’s a lot. I’ll worry about posting every day, it’s a personal goal for me. Not to win some prize of something. It’s for me to prove that this new diagnosis will not rule my life! I can still accomplish something! So oh well, I’ll try to do the FB thing and stuff, but it’s not going on my FB page, and I’m not even sure I know how to do the twitter thing. I may need some help with that. : )



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