Chrome and my WordPress blog are getting a divorce…or at least a separation.

**Warning before this is started….I am going to rant…most of it’s just me….some of it may be the fact that they changed my meds and I’ve been up and down A LOT for 2 days (6 vertigo attacks yesterday – much better today)  so, sit back and enjoy the ride…or just switch it off…or laugh at me…preferably all but turning me off!*

For some reason, a few weeks ago…or more, my blog has not been playing nice.  At least not when I was using Chrome.  I tried all the tricks I was advised to do…all about cookies and cacheing…and stuff…yes I will admit it I’m a  bit of a nerd but I am in no way a techie.  Well these things didn’t work.  So, Stuart and a techie reader (please feel free to take credit if you wish, I didn’t want to “out” you if you didn’t want me to), suggested I try to post from a different browser (yes, at first I looked a little dumb founded, but I’m blaming that on the medication, because I did figure that one out.  It did take a moment because Stuart said, try posting from IE….I said, “what?  You know I hate acronyms!” ‘Unless I make them up.” OK, he did have to tell me that IE is Internet Explorer…how dumb….wasn’t there some old sci-fi movie called something like that? – no that was AI – I was close. )   OK….I tried posting in Internet Explorer since it was already on my new computer.  Guess what, it worked just fine.  Well that just ticked me off.  Everything I do is Google based.  OH…then it hit me…almost everything I do is Google based!

Suddenly I felt that Big Brother had taken hold of me and I hadn’t noticed it.  Even my new phone is an Android….please can someone teach me how to use this darn thing?  I can’t even get it to sync with my Google Calendar!  Or do coupons!  Why else would I buy a phone?  I don’t talk on the phone!  I CAN’T talk on the phone!  I should get some use out of it!!  But that is another rant for another day.

Suddenly I was afraid that my readers who run Chrome weren’t able to see my blog correctly.  So I grabbed Stuart’s computer and went to my blog as if I was just a lurker, and no troubles.  Yay!  At least all you Chrome users who are reading my blog shouldn’t be having any troubles.

Another suggestion from a techie reader, try using Firefox to run my blog through.  So I am.  Right now.

Look, I can add tabs!  I can search! I can add photos!  I can do all kinds of things that I couldn’t do before.

I wrote WordPress, I didn’t get a reply…not even a reply saying, we’re sorry but the volume of email that we get means it will take a long time before we get back to you..or something like that.

Nothing.  I kind of understood..after all, I have a free account.  But for some reason I have a feeling if I had a paying account I wouldn’t have gotten much better service.  A week or so after the first email I went back to support to see if anyone else had reported a problem and to try to write them again.  I got a message that said, WordPress Support is closed until March 6th.  No reason, nothing.  Just try the forums.  It was at least a week before the 6th at the time, so I kind of wonder if I had a paid account would they have a special support team for me?  I don’t want to talk WordPress down.  They do a good job for a free service, and I personally know no one who has the paid version…or if I do we haven’t spoken of it.  I’d just like to know if they give more customer service to their paid accounts.

So for now…my WordPress Blog and Chrome will be parting company.

Firefox will be my browser for now.  I used to use Firefox all the time, then hubby suggested I use Chrome and so I did, now we’re both talking about going back to Mozilla…Firefox.

I may even put it on my phone.  However, I think my Smart Phone is smarter than me.

photo from


I have much to post about.  More about my new diagnosis, my feelings, my crazy head…and just weird things about all of this.  Plus, I’ve received a couple of awards from some very generous bloggers!!!  I really need to take time to post an acknowledgement and pass them on.

I apologize if it takes me a little longer.  I’m still not feeling well.  I feel better for a little while, then awful for a while….then back again….it’s a crap shoot.  I’m trying to read as many blogs and emails as I can, and comment on some, but on any nice days where I feel nice, I’ve been taking advantage and getting out of the house, even if it’s just for 3o minutes.  But sometimes, that’s the only 3o minutes I have in a day.  (I used all my spoons)

Hope you are having a nice beginning to March!  I’m hoping to get a few little seedlings started soon…I wish I had already.  I want to at least have my herb garden again!  And the wild flowers. (maybe smaller ones this year.)

Love and Light to all!!  I do have much to talk about.  I hope we can all get a great discussion going about how we handle things when we think we’ve gotten everything handled and accepted, then something new happens.  I’m trying, but this is a rough one.

We’ll talk about it tomorrow if I can.


14 thoughts on “Chrome and my WordPress blog are getting a divorce…or at least a separation.

  1. I hate computer issues. I am so lost. If it weren’t for Dagan and Leah I would have lost contact with the outside world years ago–LOL! 😉 If things work better on Firefox I’d just go for it. Anything that works well is good in my book.

    I’m glad you are getting out–even if it is for 30 minutes you have me beat. I wish I could sprinkle fairy dust on you or wave a magic wand and you’d be all better. Hope you have a good weekend, Lady!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you my dear. I hope you have a good weekend too. I hope to rest some….an perhaps buy a new bra…it has to be done. one of the most evil things in the world…bra shopping. hugs. wendy


  2. You give the best rides!

    OMG! Get out when you can. It’s so good to see that you’re able to get out. 30 minutes is still 30 minutes in the great outdoors. Hope the new meds are better for you than the previous combination.

    I use Firefox almost all the time so I don’t know how good or bad Chrome can be. Chrome is my backup browser and I have used it to do various things and have not had a problem but I’m not on it enough to notice anything wierd. I stay away from IE and their monthly security fixes. (Remember when they were the big, bad software monopoly.) That had a lot to do with me using Firefox and their ongoing security updates, although Google does the same. What I don’t like about Chrome, and which keeps some people from going over to them full time is that you can’t import your RSS feeds from Firefox. Such a simple thing to fix for the browser but Google won’t do it. Don’t understand it.

    Here’s to many more days of going out.




    1. Oh my goodness yes, I remember when IE…now that I’ve been taught you should call it that…yeah if you are a tech guru! ummm was the evil giant. So we went to Firefox…but then they started having trouble, just as Chrome was fixing theirs…and I was already using Google. so…. but that is why my new blogs were started at WordPress. I only started Create to heal at Blogger because it’s easier to work with photos to me.

      As much as I’m on the computer you would think I’d know more about it…but I get stuck, and hand it to Stuart and say…in my little girl voice…fix, please…it not work right. And he magically fixes it. The other day he said….”I don’t know” I almost fainted right there!

      And now, I have to manually move all my bookmarks and Lastpass over to Firefox because Google and Mozilla no like each other. Yeah, go fight it out in the sea of Japan and tell me who wins. (yes very bad pun but this damn medicine is making me so damn sleepy and yet I can’t sleep!) and I’m hungry and don’t trust myself to go downstairs…not that I need it, but my tummy says I do!)

      Found a nutritionist interested in food intolerances and healting the gut…she only asks for a donation if what she does works. if it doesn’t don’t pay her anything. and mainly she just wants a review…she’s just getting started. We’ll start when the house guest leave…that should be next week. So start diet in 2 weeks….have to get GF bread out of house first. Not allowed on diet. It would be cruel to have it here. : )

      We did go have Chinese today, I got a bit dizzy and way off balance, but I handled it. We had frozen yogurt at a little shop next door, I had lactose free pineapple….I just wanted the pineapple…it was so good, with bananas and blueberries…oh and walnuts. what a treat! and just me and hubby. And it was a pretty day.

      This weekend one mission…must buy new bra! yes, I know, it’s a grand mission, not one to be taken lightly…and the secretary will disavow any knowledge of my mission should I be caught….oh wait…that’s Mission Impossible….this is just….well… a pain in the ass! Shopping for titty slings are no fun! This is weekend number 2 trying to find the right size…and yes i did get a fitting. *sigh* I got tired of trying on and just bought the last one…it didn’t fit. duh. but I think I’m much closer.

      I’ll try to sleep now, or sneak downstairs for a snack. hehehe wendy


      1. Titty slings made me laugh! And I have done the same – tired of trying on bras and just buying one that fits the best.

        And what’s happening with the little guy holding the fork and spoon? He has that look in his eyes like someone brought the wrong food for the picnic or he’s waiting too long for his minion to bring his food. It is a great picture.

        That’s an interesting way to pay the nutritionist. I read that Chinese doctors, I think, do something similar. They believe it’s their job to keep you healthy and as long as you’re healthy, you pay. But, if you get sick then you don’t have to pay. I don’t know how true that is but it is a different mind set of caring and charging you’re patients.


        1. Maureen, I’m glad you like my ants. I used this art years ago, and took it off my blog because I wasn’t sure about copywrite issues. then I found out yesterday it’s open domain. Yay! I’ll write a note about it at the bottom of the page giving the artist credit…because I love those guys. Do want to play with it a bit more though.

          Chinese doctors may do that in China, but not here…at least none I know about. A friend of mine sees one in San Francisco…and she takes more pills than anyone I know…but they are all natural…she hasn’t taken medicine or gotten sick in years. ummmm, you take 100 pills a day! i should hope not! I guess in America do as American’s do.

          I have my doubts about this nutritionist. If she starts to give me a diet and doesn’t ask me a health profile, I’ll tell her no thanks. there are certain things people need to do, she is a registered dietitian and she should know that, but….well you know.

          : )


  3. When all is said and done, I have no CLUE what y’all are talking about in your techie posts. What in heck is CHROME? I thought it was the stuff on cars. But, I love you all and want to change my blog format so I hope someone who is tech savy (I’m thinking one of you or Phylor or SELENA) might have some ideas) let me know! I know my limitations. Technology? Bottom of the list. Love, Laurie F.
    p.s. did I just read “titty slings” LOL here’s a game: what’s worse, shopping for bras or bathing suits, you must pick one…….


    1. Chrome is Google’s version of a web browser, the same as Mozilla has Firefox and Microsoft has Internet Explorer (or IE if you’re lazy and/or like acronyms, screw the techie stuff).

      Titty slings is a very apt name because I LOATHE, with a capital “L”, shopping for a bra. I need cup size H. At this point in life, there are few things that I truly get jealous about, but it’s the women who don’t need a bra or can walk into a store, have a vast selection to choose from and, don’t pay an arm or a leg for a bra. I was fitted for one a couple of years ago at a bra store that imports larger bra sizes and it cost me an arm and a leg. I’d like to try an online bra store. Maybe later this year.

      As for your blog, what do you want to change? Do you want to make changes to your current blog or change it all together using a different theme? You can check out different themes and click on the preview button to see if you like it. Let us know.


      1. maureen, Oh I’m playing with the blog….I was tired of the look and wanted something no one else had….and do now…but it’s not quite finished. (I am so not used to using GIMP!!!) A size H…hmmmm. You know when I’m smaller I’m a 32 DD (E), then as I gained I went to a 34 D, then 36 C, now I’m a 38 B…or a 40 something! My cup doesn’t grow with my girth…when I’m small, I’m busty. and cannot find bras to fit me….then I get normal…now I can’t find bras to fit me because the cup it too small! TOO SMALL! I look down…I do not have small breast damnit! humph! This from a woman who has been told by men that I have perfect breast! Now…*sigh* I still have the same breast, but they aren’t on the same body.

        Good luck bra shopping, I’m buying a cheap one, because I refuse to be this size much longer!



    2. Laurie, Chrome is a browser…put out by Google….and if you are really un-techie, you may not know what that means. If you see a circle that is colored red, green, and yellow with a blue center when you turn your computer on…you have Chrome…if you see the letter IE (stylized in blue) you have Internet explorer, if you have a flaming looking fox that is around a blue ball, you have Firefox by Mozilla. Now I’ve totally confused you. You have to have a browser to “browse” the internet. that’s all.

      Shopping for Bras is the worst!!!! They have to be perfect! But wearing a bathing suit in public is worse, because everyone can see all your flaws. ewww.


  4. Fizzy

    oh, so happy you are strong enough to get out in between all the yucky stuff ! (i would probably be sulking LOL) Good on you ! 😀
    Even if that is the only 30 minutes you get, you are taking advantage of it and thats fantastic !
    P.S Your blog page looks amazing, I love it 🙂 xx


    1. thank you fiona, some days I’m strong enough, other days I’m falling apart. Today was a lot of both. Had an audiologist appt, had to go out. But had an attack at home, and still feel off, and told Stuart I’m convinced I’m dying. Not a good day really. Thank you about the page….still more I want to do with it, and some things were lost when I moved it, but I’ll work it out.

      I’m behind in reading. I’m sorry, love and hugs wendy


  5. bipolarmuse

    I love Firefox and never have any problems with it at all. I have a friend who is a computer geek and in his job Firefox is the ONLY web browser they use because of its built in safety features. I have used it solely for the last 6 years. I hope you have good luck with it my friend. 🙂


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