Even The Doctor can’t fix this mess.

Even The Doctor can't fix this mess.

I’m still having a hell of a time with WordPress.  I wrote a whole post and put in this photo and the post was gone and only the photo remained.  I’m getting angry.  They better do something soon.  Or I’ll….oh I don’t know.  sic the New Dr. Who on him.  But Baker was one cool Doctor you do have to admit.

OK for all you geeks or nerds out there…who know who Dr. Who is….who is your favorite.  And you are allowed to have a favorite from the early series and one from the new series.

Now about me…I’m better but far from being fixed…but I don’t want to write it all again.

This medicine makes me loopy., it’s hard to concentrate and I’m very very tired.

so…I suggest sleep for us all.

and…for Fiona.  I love you my dear.  I may not be able to be there in life, but I will be there with all of my heart.  Tell Jeremy he’s a very lucky man…and I know he knows it!  You are so strong! You will have an amazing life as husband and wife.

Shaky Dance for All!!!


6 thoughts on “Even The Doctor can’t fix this mess.

  1. Peter Davison (Doctor #5) is my doctor! Though I started watching the series with Tom Baker, Peter Davison was the one who made me really wish I could hop a ride on the TARDIS. Second favorite is Sylvestor McCoy (Doctor #7). Jovial, tricky, and eyes full of mysteries.


    1. You don’t have a favorite with the new doctors?
      I admit I’d have a very hard time choosing.
      I really only knew Baker growing up…
      and I’ve loved all the new ones for different reasons.
      and Bow Ties are Cool!
      But don’t Blink!


  2. Oh, I love the new Doctors! Matt Smith has really grown on me, I must say. But you have to understand that not only do I have the pleasure of enjoying the old adventures of the Doctor on DVD, but I also have NEW adventures of the old Doctors in audio with the original actors in the roles thanks to Big Finish! And the stories are amazing! Much richer than the old shows would allow, and more cerebral than the new stuff. Thanks to Big Finish, I actually sort of like the sixth Doctor now. I couldn’t stand him before.


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