I’m so very honored! I’m a Finalist for the TMI- Wego Health Blog Award!

I’ve been chosen a finalist for the TMI (Too Much Information) Wego Health Blog Award.    I was thrilled and humbled when I was nominated, I couldn’t have asked for more.  Today I spent the entire day at Duke..running between clinics, and getting an MRI…today was long and often painful.  When I got home I collapsed in a tub, and finally around 10pm checked my email, and found 2 friends congratulating me on being named a finalist.  I was stunned.  Speechless – yes, I know that’s hard to believe, don’t worry it didn’t last long.  More than anything, I feel so honored.

I’ve been so busy the past few days I completely forgot they were going to be announcing the finalist, so this was a huge shock!

Please be sure to go to the WEGO Health Blog to find out all the finalist in each category!  Including my friend Kelly Wahle with her blog Fly With Hope, is a finalist for the Health Activist Hero Award!!  I’m so proud of you Kelly, for all you do!  You are such an amazing woman!

The other finalist for the TMI award are:

Mo- Mommy Odyssey

Jacquie Wojcik – Bad Pancreas

Sara – A Girl With Guts

Jenni Schaeffer – Jenni’s Guts

Brynn Hultquist – Lupus Interrupted

Be sure to check out these awesome Health Advocates.

But, beware, we are finalist for the TMI (Too Much Information) Award.  We “always goes there – no matter how personal or embarrassing the story.”

Why did I decide to tell it all, no matter how personal or embarrassing?  I was going through a very rough time with one of my chronic illnesses (Meniere’s Disease), I searched and searched to find out more about it.  I wanted to know if other’s were experiencing the same things I was.  I couldn’t find the ugly details.  People would mention having an attack, but no one ever gave any real details other than, having vertigo and vomiting for hours.  I talked to a few people privately and found that many were having some of the same things I was experiencing happen to them, but they were uncomfortable talking about it.

I was sure there had to be other’s like me, who want to know all the nitty-gritty details, to know they are not alone with what they are going through.  I then decided, I wanted to tell it all!  I want people to feel they can talk about what goes on behind closed doors, when we are alone with our illnesses.

After a few posts detailing the dark and ugly side of my illnesses, I was praised by my readers for being so open and honest.  When I wrote in detail about one of my vertigo attacks, I heard from many who were relieved to hear, they were not the only one who went through these things.  One very special reader, who fights her own battles with chronic illnesses, told me that post was the most terrifying thing she’d ever read.  I cried and cried after reading that.  I felt validated.  I was so relieved that people could understand, even people who do not suffer from Meniere’s Disease could read that post and “get it”.

I knew then, I needed to be a voice to this illness, and the other chronic issues I have.  I wanted to break down the stigma of telling it like it is.

No matter what the outcome of this award….I can not be happier than I am right now.  Being nominated by a reader, then after a very detailed process to pick the finalists…I am just so humbled to be in the same category as the bloggers mentioned above.

And I will continue to tell it all, the good, the bad, and the very ugly.  I hope you will keep me company along the way.


8 thoughts on “I’m so very honored! I’m a Finalist for the TMI- Wego Health Blog Award!

  1. Fizzy

    Oh WOW !!!! Huge congratulations and big smiles coming your way, I am so happy for you and noone deserves it more, you should be so proud of yourself 😀 xx


    1. thanks Fiona, I don’t know about no one deserving it more…the other finalist, really put themselves out there every day. I was blown away by looking at their blogs.

      I do want to help people understand, invisible illness is not invisible to those of us who have them….and this is what it looks like! But I do put a little bit of levity in there now and then.

      I’m thrilled I’m a finalist, but I can’t imagine I could possibly win. But…wow…a finalist! How cool is that?

      xo w


  2. wooohooooo!!!! go wendy, go wendy, go wendy…. you’re awesome, yeah! lots of high-5s inserted here. this is how we celebrate things at our house. a silly dance, a reminder of how awesome the person is and this is repeated several times and lots and lots of high-5s!

    you so deserve this. you are amazing and inspirational and you have undoubtedly helped more people than you could ever imagine. you’ve been amazingly supportive of me and i thank you!

    go wendy, go wendy, go wendy… 🙂



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