Round and Round we go, when it stops, no body knows

Yes, after writing such a positive post about all the things I’ve been doing lately, I’ve spent the last two days in bed.

Oh my aching ear! image courtesy of

I have an ear infections, AGAIN!  At least I’m pretty darn sure I do.  The left ear, the one that I recently had surgery on, started draining more (it has been draining since surgery, this is normal, but it was clear and getting to be less and less.  It drains out of my ear because I have a tube in that ear.)   It started hurting, and the consistency of the stuff draining out looks like puss.   I’ve been running a low-grade fever, mostly at night.  And I feel very icky!!  Ugh!  So the world is very off-balance.

Please, don’t think ill of me, but I have about half a bottle of the Cipro Ear Drops my doc gave me last time, so I am treating myself.  (I would normally never do this, but I’ve had so many ear infections, I pretty much know that’s what it is.  I know…I’m recovering from surgery and should get it checked, if it’s not better Dr. Kaylie will see it on the 30th.)  I just didn’t want to deal with making an appointment, and going to Duke, ect ….ect….just days before I have to go in for blood tests, an MRI, and visit Dr. Kaylie.   Also, I didn’t want to suffer all weekend when I could get the medicine started.

Human Gyroscope (image courtesy of

Yesterday and today have been a bit rough.  I feel like a human gyroscope.  My head feels like my brain is lose and moving around.  I was sitting on the toilet last night and the tile on the floor wouldn’t keep still.  They kept going round and round in a clockwise spin.  Ahhhh!  I hate this, but at least I’m not throwing up for hours on end.

The weather has also changed, so that is a contributing factor and I’m fighting migraines.  To top it all off, I’m just about to start my period.  That always throws a wrench in things.  Not a happy girl right now, but I know it will get better, so hope is always on the horizon.

Does anyone else have a really hard time going to sleep because of spinning?  Even when I’m not feeling off, when I close my eyes and try to go to sleep I will start to feel like I’m moving.  I jerk, and have to calm myself.  Over an over…I’m actually afraid to try to sleep now.  Many nights, I don’t get to sleep until absolute exhaustion overcomes me.  Normally between 3am and 6am.  Last night was a 6am day.

However, another obstacle to my sleep is pain.  Headaches, muscle aches, hips…ect.  It’s all worse now that the weather is colder and it’s raining.  But I can’t live on pain pills.  What to do, what to do?  We know sleep aids just don’t work for me….I’d really like a good nights sleep, preferably on a regular basis.  Exercise would probably help, but that’s just not possible right now.

Whew…a lot of whining today huh?

Don’t worry, this is just a little bump in the road, one step at a time, one day at a time….the sun is right over the horizon…I can feel it…and know I’ll be back to my normal positive self in no time.

**Please note, I have been reading all my friend’s blog entries, thanks to my new phone, I can read your blog entries anywhere.   I really need to acknowledge a couple of posts here, but I haven’t been feeling up to par, and simply haven’t been on the computer as much.  I’ll try to catch up on everything soon.  But I may miss commenting, please don’t be offended.  I’m still reading, and thinking of each and every one of you.


16 thoughts on “Round and Round we go, when it stops, no body knows

  1. Don’t we all know what it’s like….and who would judge you about starting the medication? I would have done the very same thing and I’m sure all the others too. I’m sorry you “jinxed yourself” as my 5 year old self would say. I read your blogs and my stomach starts spinning. I know it will get better or we will all whip it into shape for you. Slow and steady hugs, get well soon. Love, Laurie


    1. Laurie, I’d love to see you whip it into shape for me! Just the vision makes me giggle…so I’m feeling better.

      Still very tired, and headachey…think I’ll nap the day away. : )

      hugs wendy


  2. Hope you start feeling better soon, and that the inner infection — with the help of the extra drops — starts to heal.

    That’s neat that you can read blogs on your phone! That’s a nice way you can keep up wih the blogs you like/follow, even if you can’t comment.

    Feel better soon — I’m crossing my very appendanges that it happens!


    1. Phylor, I do like my new phone. I can comment from it, but it’s difficult. Much easier to do it on a big keyboard! : ) However, I did get one that has the slide out keyboard, so I’m not trying to type on that tiny touch screen, but still…typing with just your thumbs gets tiring.

      thank you for the well wishes! wendy


  3. I won’t yell at your for treating yourself. In this case I would agree with you to start the meds ASAP.
    I would “SUGGEST” you call the doctor before the 30th and say what’s happening or I might yell at you.

    P.S. Cipro gave me insomnia — I didn’t sleep for 3 nights and was “pumped” during the day. Finally figured it out. Weird!


    1. Judy, Please, don’t yell, but I don’t know if I’ll call before this week, for one thing, I can’t hear on the phone, Stuart would have to call. Plus, Stuart started his new job today, so making calls for me this week would be a bit difficult…and I wouldn’t have a way to get to the doctor if he wanted to see me. (luckily after the first few weeks, Stuart will have much more leeway in his schedule, but he has to be trained first.

      About the Cipro, I can feel differently if I take it by mouth, but using the drops doesn’t seem to make me feel differently at all…goodness knows I don’t need more insomnia. Thankfully, I got to sleep before 1am last night and slept until 9:30 am…woo hoo!

      The weather here today…sucks! So I’m fighting migraines, and am thinking about a nap. : )

      xo wendy


  4. I can’t take sleep medication either. In my case it just does nothing–can take it and still be awake 8 hours later and I don’t notice a thing. Pain keeps me awake a lot of the time. But I have bad reactions to anything related to morphine (nausea and tossing my cookies). Darvocet used to work to take the sharp edge off, but they discontinued it. Anything less is like I took nothing and the stronger stuff is related to morphine. So, I have been going without pain meds for about a year and a half. Just have a few Darvocet left over that I save for really horrible days. Anyways, I can relate to the pain interfering with your sleep–with me it’s headaches, hips, knees, back, shoulders, feet, jaw, hands in muscles and joints between the fibro and the OA–and having to stay awake until you are so exhausted you can sleep regardless. Well, some of the time–LOL!

    I don’t blame you for starting the ear drops. I would have done the same thing. But you don’t have enough to last you till the appointment, so you really should probably call before then…unless it goes away, of course. 😉

    I’ve had a bad few days, too. Luckily mine come and go…so I just have to wait it out and I know it will let up and go back to tolerable. For how long…never know–LOL! 😉 Hang in there!!


  5. Oh sweetie, hope the drops are working their magic. I can’t judge too much because I’ve known other people who have done the same thing. I do agree with Judy that you should let your doctor know what is happening. Can you email Dr. Kaylie?

    And play catch-up when you can. I haven’t been on the computer as much these last few weeks. And, sometimes when I am, I find myself just sitting at my desk staring in to space or putting my head in my hand and shutting my eyes “just for a minute”. I’m usually listening to music at the same time but, still. The wall isn’t doing any great tricks. None that I’ve noticed anyway.:)

    Take care. Hope Stuart is enjoying his first day of work.


    1. Glad you don’t need to make an appt. for this week. Also glad because the obligatory winter cold is affecting my voice. I can’t yell very well and sometimes when I talk my voice cracks so it good all around.

      And remember, if the world is spinning around you for a bit this week, it’s just a reminder that yes, you are the centre of the universe.


  6. Katie

    Hi Wendy!
    I have not been able to comment lately as my internet has been limited (don’t have it at home yet), but I just got a new job and so eveyrthing will be ste up again soon! Moving… uhg! Sad to hear you had a bad couple of days, but I am sure that you are right and there are good things coming!
    Where I am living now (Calgary) has some crazy weather, which seems to really affect me. I have not been having any spells, which is remarkable, but tinnutus everyday to some degree or another, which is frustrating, but betetr than being super spinny and throwing up!! Take care!


    1. Katie,
      Great about the new job!
      and glad to hear you haven’t been having super spins!
      I know tinnitus can be frustrating, I’ve been living with it constantly for so long I think I’d feel funny if it was gone. : )
      at least I know when I’m completely deaf I’ll still hear something. hahaha
      It can get out of hand sometimes though…the strange noises, the roaring that gets so loud I think I can feel the vibrations….ect.
      But my day to day buzzing, and low rumble…it’s just background noise now, and I’m surprised to find other people don’t have it.
      I know that not everyone had tinnitus, but still, I don’t feel off for hearing these noises, so I think everyone must hear something.
      (I’m so silly)
      glad to hear from you.
      How’s living in Calgary? How’s the new place? How’s the relationship?? Hope everything is settling down after the move, and you are happy! Most of all that you are happy!


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