Dizzy Day – and an update on SOPA and PIPA.

I should have known better.

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t had the greatest sleep schedule, or sleep at all really.  So my doctor put me on Rozerem.  Rozerem is a sleep aid, but it isn’t addictive, and can take up to a week for full effects.  4% of the patients had increased dizziness compared to 3% who took the placebo.  So a good choice for me, right?  Umm, not so much.  It was prescribed before my surgery and each time I took it I woke up with vertigo.

Rozerem Ad

Last night I decided to give it a try again, thinking possibly it would be different now since things have calmed down so much.

Yes, I should have known better.  I woke up, not with vertigo exactly, but the world is not being still!  I’m using the walker to get to the bathroom and every time I move my head to either side I feel like I’m going to barf.  I have acid reflux so bad, it hurts all the way down my esophagus and into my stomach.  Neither my prescription acid medication nor Maalox is working.  And the diarrhea is back.  (yes I had one day of normality, yesterday, I’ve not eaten any vegetables, except a pickle and a piece of lettuce on my burger yesterday, for 3 days.  The burgers I made, so I know they were safe.  I think most of the diarrhea today is because of the spinny head.  It does put me in the fight or flight mode, constantly expecting a full-blown attack.

I got the book Food Intolerance Management Plan by Sue Shepherd yesterday.  It has the most up to date information about Fructose Malabsorption and other food intolerances.  Sue Shepherd is considered THE expert in Fructose Malabsorption (FructMal).  So I looked at the book, from cover to cover yesterday.  I just knew I’d find something I’ve been doing wrong.  Nope.  I’ve been eating all safe foods.  This book gives a lot more variety than I’ve been eating, and says I can eat much larger servings than I have been.  So why is it that every time I eat a vegetable, I get sick?  Ugh!  I’m working on it.  That’s my big goal this year, find out how to stop this GI trouble!  Then I’ll think about losing weight.

So enough about my bad day.  (we all know, it’s just a day, one day at a time right?)

Image credits: hikingartist.com

A friend of mine works for Red Hat. It’s the world’s Open Source leader, according to their website.  (yes, I’m a big foggy on all of that.  So not the geek.)  My friend, Ruth, wrote an article about SOPA and PIPA.  Here’s the link: http://opensource.com/life/12/1/sopa-shelved-fight-must-turn-pipa-wikipedia-will-join-blackout

The title tells the story in a nutshell.  SOPA shelved, Fight must turn to PIPA. Wikipedia will join blackout.

Did you see the last part…Wikipedia will join the Blackout!!!  (Don’t forget the Blackout is the 18th, so you may be on line and not be able to find many of your favorite spots.)

If Google would join, that would make all the difference.  Could you imagine a day without Google?  Even just shutting down their search engine would make a huge statement.  But alas, I doubt they will.

However, it also looks like WordPress has joined the strike, so my blog may not show up anyway.  Neither would any other blog on WordPress.

On a different soap box….Don’t forget to PLEASE sign the petition about Headache Disorders – The Petition is Here.

Now, I’m going to take a nap, and hope my head is less wonky when I get up!


10 thoughts on “Dizzy Day – and an update on SOPA and PIPA.

  1. oh poor dear, and I thought things were going swimmingly (no pun intended) for awhile. I thought that you were doing so much better, seems like it was just a lucky spell. I hate that for all of us in this endless cycles of mostly downs and a few ups. what CAN you eat safely? If it’s a brownie or a sugar cookie, go for it, if it’s baby food and cottage cheese, I will cheer you on. Whatever you can eat that makes your life easy, stick with it. Is there nothing at all? I feel so bad for you, you have no idea. I pray that it will get better and better and that your pain decreases and that your head and self steadies. Thinking about you, gentle, very gentle hugs like a whisper, love, Laurie


    1. Laurie, Thank you. About what I can eat safely…I don’t know. Much that is supposed to be safe, seems not to be. I can have meat, and potatoes with no ill effects. but that’s not the most nutritious diet. : ) I’m plugging along with it. One day at a time. : )

      In some ways I have been doing much better, today is the effects of that medicine I’m sure, and the weather changed…always an icky day. I need to live somewhere that has temperate weather all the time…steady temps, rarely rains…oh I know, the desert! But hubby grew up in the desert and loves all the green here…so we are at odds about that. Thinking of spending 1/2 the year here, 1/2 the year in Tucson (his father has an extra house…yes, I know, who has an extra house? between him and his new wife, he owns 4 houses. so we’d stay in one.) It would be nice. We’ll see. Since he telecommutes we could live any where, but it would be a challenge to cart a cat and very old dog back and forth across the country.

      thank you for your sweet comment. oOo w


  2. Wendy, I hope you can figure out your GI problems. I can eat very few things, if I eat even a salad I am in trouble. Most fruit is okay, but forget meat, anything packaged with preservatives, fried foods, dairy. I eat a lot of cereal, bagels, yogurt and fruit. Not the best diet, but I eat what my tummy will tolerate.

    That’s too bad about the sleep med, I need one and take Lunesta with no problems. It’s always something isn’t it?


    1. Yes, it always seems to be something! I was eating some of the “safe” foods without a problem…but for almost 2 months, I’ve been running almost every day. Even the safest veggie I found…cooked spinach, especially if it’s in something…is coming out looking just like it went in, not digested at all. ugh…I know probably TMI, but you know how I am.

      I have found that carrots do pretty well…and normally little green peas…but sometimes not. I can’t have more than 1/2 a cup a day.
      I’m going to follow this book’s plan for a month and see how it goes. If not…I’m going to start an elimination diet. I know I can eat meat and potatoes…I’ll start there and add just one thing in at a time….or heck, perhaps I should just do that now.

      thank you my dear.


    1. Angelea, I was tested for SIBO at the same time I was tested for Fructose and Lactose intolerance. The only positive one was Fructose. I looked at the results and thought the levels for the SIBO were a bit close (but still negative) so I decided to start taking Align probiotics, they contain the only probiotic proven to help with SIBO. I’ve been taking them over a month now, and I swear I think I’m worse. I stopped taking them today…lets see how it goes.

      This test was given last March, could things have changed?

      thanks for thinking of me. wendy


  3. It’s so frustrating when we take something that is supposed to help us and it only adds to the problem. It’s good that the book is showing you more variety. I hope the elimination diet brings new insight.

    And, in case you haven’t read this yet, Google is at least having a link on their home page in regards to SOPA/PIPA. It would be great if they, along with other companies such as Amazon, would do quick, rolling blackout throughout the day. You wouldn’t know when it would happen and companies such as Amazon wouldn’t lose that much money because they could have on their page something like “back in 5 minutes” as part of the explanation.



    1. Yes it is frustrating, but luckily the funk from the medication didn’t last more than a day. I’m much better today. Still working on the tummy troubles, but found a dietitian and made an apt today! So next week I’ll see her and see what she suggest. : )

      What a great idea about the rolling blackout! Now if they’d just do something like that. : ) We’ll see who’s on line tomorrow. w


  4. Well, you can add Rozerem to your “no-no” list. I tend to have reactions to meds, too. I take it that it’s my body’s way of protecting me from more bad chemicals, I guess.

    Bummer! Here you were already doing the diet properly. I know I’ve tried so many different types of diets but nothing has helped so far. My DIL is doing a diet where she watches carbs and sugars like crazy. She’s been losing weight, that’s for sure. But–no breads, pasta, rice, potatoes…no sweets. ??? Not sure I’d want to live that way the rest of my life. She says it’s a lifestyle change, so she plans to try to keep it up forever. I wish her luck!

    I think I might have to go back to eating fish if I cut all those other things out. I do miss tuna and salmon. Been meat free for over two years now. Didn’t lose a pound–LOL! In fact, I may have gained a few! But that’s because I eat all those things–breads, pasta, etc. 😉

    I hope blogger joins the blackout because I don’t know how to remove my blog and put it back. But in solidarity I will just not read or post after midnight tonight for all of the 18th.

    See you on Thursday. 😉


    1. I found a way to block out my blogger blog, but it requires too much. My Create to Heal blog is blacked out now, I knew I wouldn’t get to it for a while tomorrow. Technically the blackout is for 12 hours. 8am to 8pm I think. WordPress actually gave blogs an option, if you opt in you will have a nice black out page showing explaining what’s going on, so this blog will be set, and it will come on and off when it should. Yay.

      On blogger I had to paste something into the HTML, and will have to remove it too. (google didn’t join the blackout. I normally really like google, heck I just got an Android phone, arrived yesterday….I really wish Google would have done something. Supposedly they are going to have a statement on their main page, and perhaps the logo will be different tomorrow. We’ll see)

      My diet sucks! I used to be a vegetarian….I was so sick all the time…finally found out it’s because I can’t digest fructose or glucose properly. Well, a lot of veggies, most fruit, and all breads were out! Now I do eat gluten free pasta, rice and potatoes. But I don’t eat a lot of sugary stuff. I used to eat very little starches or sugars….much like your DIL, it was just natural for me. I didn’t shy away from them, I would have pasta now and then, but I didn’t eat it every day. For the past few years, since my husband went on South Beach and lost a bunch of weight, I started cooking differently. Mostly lean meats and veggies. He gave up South Beach and gained it back. Actually just this past year he’s put on a few. I’m bigger than I’ve ever been, and well…to be blunt, I can’t see how when I poop out everything I eat! I’m constantly in the bathroom. *deep breath* I went without any veggies (well a tiny bit, less than 1/2 cup per day) for 3 days and today I’ve had decent BM’s. Tonight I made sausage, potatoes, and kale for dinner. (I seasoned the ground pork myself so I could have sausage without garlic or onion!) We’ll see how I do tomorrow. My tummy didn’t blow up, but it has been rumbling.

      I have an appointment with a dietitian next Wednesday evening! Cross all fingers and toes she’ll know what’s going on.

      thanks for all the support, ox wendy


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