Oh, What a Day!

by Wendy Holcombe (created on Photoshop)

Today was absolutely beautiful, and I woke up without a headache…(meaning a little bit of a headache, like normal, but no where near like I’ve been having lately…yes, I always have a headache, sometimes it’s just much, much worse than other days.)

The weather was gorgeous, in the low 70’s (F), with a slight breeze.  The leaves are starting to fall off the trees.  I took my lunch out on the back porch and enjoyed the sun and warmth.  There was a gust of wind and a flurry of leaves blew over head, it reminded me of a scene from Winnie the Pooh’s Blustery Day, however, my day was not that blustery.  I had a giggle.

We decided since I was having such a good day, we would go somewhere.  We went to the little mall near our place, and bought Stuart 2 new ties for him to wear to interviews.  They are a bit bold, and show more of his personality.  I think they show confidence!  I hope the people he interviews with also thinks so.  (today was Stuart’s last day of work, just a couple of hours really, turned in his computer and told them where he left off.  The owner said he felt so bad, but he had realized if they had one bad month they would be in trouble.  They have decided to put the project Stuart was working on, on hold…so no reason for Stuart to be there.  Stuart is so great about it.  I think it’s the Buddhist in him, I’m not as philosophical…but I’m trying.)

Today, we didn’t think too much about that!  We walked the mall, window shopping.  Then we needed to go by Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things, yes, I don’t really like shopping at Wal-Mart either but it’s 1 mile from our house, so convenience sometimes wins.  Unfortunately, I really used up most my energy in the mall, and shouldn’t have gone to Wal-Mart.  We stayed there much longer than I should have.  By the time I got home, things were spinning a bit, especially if I moved my head too fast.  I bent down to feel the dog, and the world when Whoosh!  I’ve been lying down since then.

I had a great day!  Lived it to the fullest.  (yes, going to the store is living it up for me.)  However, I really need to learn where my cut off point is.  I push myself beyond my limit way too often.  If I feel good, I take advantage of it.  Hopefully, I won’t be paying for it tomorrow.

Right now, my hip hurts, my back hurts, my tail bone hurts, my head is starting to hurt (worse), and I’m very off-balance.  Think I over did it?  Yeah, me too.

So how do you learn what’s enough?  Often I don’t feel that tired, or hurt that much, until I stop.  Do you know what your limits are?

With the holidays coming up, I really need to figure this out.  Right now, I’m thinking, we won’t be going to any parties.  We may try to have a few people over to our house  We think it would be better in my controlled environment, I can go lie down if I need to.  Or I can get away from noise if I need to.

Thanks for any advice.

Think I’ll be posting more about how to handle the holidays soon.


7 thoughts on “Oh, What a Day!

  1. I don’t know hubby’s line of work but all my working career was spent interviewing and counseling employees or prospective emloyees. I was not one of those cut and dry interviewers either, kind of laid back and tried to make the interview comfortable. If he has any questions please let me know I’d be happy to talk to him, or whatever makes you comfortable. Really, if there’s anything I can do, just ask.Love, Laurie


    1. Thank you Laurie,
      Hubby is a Computer Programmer. He’s really very good in interviews. He’s personable, and unlike a lot of programmers, knows how to talk to people. When he was laid off a few years ago, he took this class to help people get jobs. He learned a lot about how to talk in an interview, how to make your resume better….(funny thing, he recently sent his resume to a consulting firm and the woman said it was the most beautiful resume she’s ever seen, it was going in her file to show people how to do a resume.) This firm is really looking to place Stuart. He would work for the consulting firm, not the client, they pay well, good benefits…we’ll see how it goes. They’ve sent him to meet one prospective client so far, he said it sounds interesting, but he really wants to get back in the medical field. He likes to feel like he’s contributing something. There a few of those opportunities out there too.
      I’ll let him know your offer, but I’ve never seen him more confident than he is right now. He’s really believes he would be an asset to a company and knows how to sell himself.
      I’m the one who’s more worried about it all. I really need to step back and just realize, this is where I life is right now, it’s neither good or bad, it just is.

      I just feel so out of control in every aspect of my life…uh, I’m sure you know that feeling! Much more than I do.
      curious, if you don’t mind telling me, where are you located?

      thanks again!!


  2. I only figure where my limits are when I hit the wall and realize that I’ve gone way too far past my limits. 😦 Trying to figure out how to stop before I hit that wall continues to puzzle me. So if you figure it out, I hope you’ll let me know!! 🙂


    1. Will do! If I ever figure it out. I have one friend who suggested a timer. Said she sets it for one hour then when it goes off, she rest. Some days after a resting hour she feels she can do more, other’s that’s it.
      I may take her advice for a while. Just a little at a time, and see if I pay for it later. I’m so tired of hitting that wall!


  3. I’m so glad to hear you had a good day!

    I figure out where my limit is by consistently pushing past it without realizing it. Then, when I’m up to it, I have MarvMan help me figure out where the line might have been that I crossed, hehe. It’s been perilous at times, frustrating at others, but overall, it hasn’t been too bad figuring things out. Now, though, it’s gotten a bit more difficult, coming and going as it pleases with no warning whatsoever.


    1. It is difficult to find those limits. I keep reading, to stay within your limits, even the whole “spoon theory” is all about that, knowing how many spoons you are using.
      The past few days since my beautiful day have been hell. I know the first day afterward was pure exhaustion, but yesterday and today…Mr. Meniere’s is really wearing out his welcome! I wonder if this would have happened if I hadn’t worn myself out earlier in the week? or if it was just going to happen.
      Another weather change???


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