Good day.

Stuart’s interview went well.  He is very interested in this job, says it’s like a previous job he had that was his favorite!  He has to meet a couple more people, but it sounds very promising.

I can hear in my left ear!  Not clearly…a bit distorted and still low, but I can hear what Stuart says without looking at him (if he’s close).  It’s a little hypersensitive, but it’s a great sign!

Less sore every day, but still sore.

Just had to share!

Think we’re going to watch a movie now…with captions…but also with sound…let’s see what I can hear?


See life changes every day.

One step at a time.


8 thoughts on “Good day.

  1. I feel honored to be the first one to post on this WONDERFUL, happy blog!!! Good luck to your husband, fingers are crossed. And, to you, Wendy, how EXCITING……like you said, one day at a time, one step at a time, one human voice at a time sending you love and hugs. CONGRATS to both of you. Laurie


  2. deb

    Wonderful news Wendy! I hope this note finds you still feeling well and watching another movie! Good luck to Stewart! My husband just got a new job….what a huge relief! 🙂


  3. hi wendy!!
    great news about the hearing! and yes, yay for good days! grab on to them with both hands and squeeze all the fun and love right out of them! best of luck to stewart and his job search!
    i think of you often and am always sending you lots of wishes for good health and good days.


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