More patches to come.

Just a short note.

I’m already feeling icky again.  Dr. Gray wants to try to get me in next week for more patches.  Hopefully, it will work out, but we all know how, her wanting to get me in next week has turned into a month later before.  That’s the bad side of having such a good doctor, she is in high demand.

I know many people are thinking…Dang, can’t they get this right?  Why so many patches?  ect.

From everything bit of research I can find on Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks and Patching them, it often takes a number of times.  This is a tricky thing they are doing.  Sometimes the patches simply do not adhere to the entire leak, sometimes, they end up being too thin and it breaks through….there are many variables.  Sometimes they just don’t work, and some people end up having to have surgery.  (luckily the patches normally work…eventually.)

So we’re not giving up yet!



5 thoughts on “More patches to come.

  1. deb

    Ugh. I love your attitude, but it’s such a drag that you felt better for such a short period of time! Praying that you get back in to see Dr. Gray in a hurry!!


    1. Thanks Deb! I hope I can get in to see her soon too! She told Stuart on Thursday that she was going to try to get me in on Monday, then we didn’t hear from her on Friday…*shrug* so who knows what’s going on. I sent an email to her and her scheduling secretary, late on Friday so they’d get it first thing Monday, wanting to know when.

      doesn’t look like I’ll be going to Tucson. attitude isn’t as good today. but I’m working on it. wendy


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