Hearing Tests and finding me again.

I thought some of you might be interested to see the results of my past two hearing tests.

There’s a lot of information there.  The biggest thing that makes it hard, is the word recognition.  They simply can’t fix that with the hearing aids.  So, according to the latest test, I’m recognizing about 84% of the words I’m hearing in my right ear…and that’s if they are at the right frequency.  I’m not deaf!  Some things are difficult, but hopefully this is temporary, and if not…I’ll learn.

We still have much hope that things will change.  My doctors believe the hearing in my left ear will get better.  We’ll just wait and see.

I know many of you are concerned for me right now.  I’m doing OK.  Really.  It’ll  take time to process everything  Yes, my life’s plan will need to change.   I’m trying to look at things differently, not looking back and thinking of what I’ll miss, but look forward at what I can accomplish.

Last night I was writing and drawing and thought I’d share something I wrote:

Journal Entry Sept. 8, 2011

What started me on this journey?

The need to write and draw is now overwhelming to me.

How did I ever give this up?  How did I lose so much of ME?

***Hey You!***

Yes, You – That girl you look at in the mirror every day —

Welcome Back!

p/s  Please don’t leave again.  I’ve missed you.

Thank you all for so much for all the support.  Yes, I’m going through a rough spot…but with the support I get from you…my dear friends…it’s easier.

I never dreamed I’d feel such an out pouring of support from people I’ve never met in real life.  Many of you have reached out to me when I’ve needed it most.  I only hope in some small way, I can give to you as you have given to me.  thank you.


4 thoughts on “Hearing Tests and finding me again.

  1. I can feel your positivity in this post Wendy… and that makes me so happy for you!! I know what it feels like to loose parts of ourselves, and to not even notice for quite a while. This can be disapointing, and I know I have been almost mad at myself when I relaized this has happened… but always best to keep moving forward, which it sounds like you are doing. At the risk of sounding clique, what dosen’t kill us makes us stronger, and I can see your strength gathering again Wendy!!


    1. Thanks Katie.
      I’m trying. All I can say is…I’m not dead yet…so I must be getting stronger (in spirit anyway…my body..now it could use some work outs!)
      One day at a time.


  2. Love you!! And oh, my gosh – your handwriting is so pretty!! I know, leave it to me to focus on such a minute detail, right? Hehe. I’m glad to know you’re not deaf at least, and I’ll be praying for your left ear to come back to normal!!


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