Oh What A Day!

I really over did it on Wednesday, it was a good day, but I’ve paid for it.  Would I do it again?  Yeah, probably, you never know if you’ll get a different outcome!  Yesterday, I was sore all over and had a nagging headache.  I did take some Diamox, but not a lot.  I’m still a bit afraid of that stuff.

Blinding Headache (image, property of Wendy Holcombe)

Guess, I should’t be so afraid of it!  Today, I woke up with a headache so severe I couldn’t stand up by myself.  No matter what I took, it would not get better.  I was super nauseous.  This is the first time I’ve ever considered going to the hospital because of a headache.  Usually, I think…if I just take a little more medication, and can fall asleep things will get better.  Nope, not so much.

Finally, Stuart talked to Dr. Gray for the 3rd time today, and she said to prop me up, so my head and shoulders are raised.  (she actually said for me to sit up first, but I was way to nauseous.)  After sitting up about 20 – 30 mins, I started to feel so very much better.  So my pressure had spiked again!  I will have to stay on the Diamox a bit longer.  I don’t like that.  I’ve been struggling with low pressure cerebrospinal fluid for a long time, now I’m taking a drug to lower my pressure…crazy.  I’m petrified I’ll end up taking too much and making myself have an attack because my pressure is too low.  Plus, I really hate the side-effects.  My hands and the heels of my feet tingle, and I feel really stupid.  Everything, seems dull.

I don’t like it.

Tomorrow, is our 7th Anniversary.  We had planned to go out for a romantic dinner…those plans may change.  I think a Couch Picnic…as mentioned on Maureen’s blog, Sunshine and Chaos, may save the day.  : )


5 thoughts on “Oh What A Day!

  1. sorry to hear about the headaches. I’ve found myself at the ER when I’ve had a migraine so bad that all I can think of doing is pounding my head into the wall to make it stop hurting.
    Anniversaries are what you make of them; a couch picnic or a meal in a fancy restaurant — the important thing is that you share it (after almost 30 anniversaries, I think I can suggest such a thing).
    giving into a headache is okay; when they are really bad, they are really bad. I’ve gotten some reasonable treatment at the ER on occasion — an iv for dehydration and some kick a** meds.


  2. I really get it with the over-doing it thing. My head likes to kick me after I do that too! Bless your heart with the Diamox and the low CSF pressure. I hate Diamox with a big D. It gives me the worst Migraines. I am sad for you that your recovery from this has been so difficult this time, my friend. I’m hoping with all my might that things turn around and you can get away from the Diamox soon.
    In other news, Happy 7th Anniversary to you and Stuart! George and I just recently had our first “date” since late 2010 by going to the grocery store and someone told me “It is not what you do, its who you’re with.” I hope you two enjoy your anniversary with what every you do…a couch picnic sounds fabulous! Happy Day!


  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Stuart! I hope you have a wonderful time with each other no matter what you are doing.

    Glad Wednesday was good for you. We all have our “Wednesdays” and pay for it afterwards, but mentally, it can be so worth it to be able to get out and do things.

    Do you have options other than Diamox or is it your best option? I hope you find relief soon and can get back to doing all the things you want to do.

    May there be better days for us all.



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