Recovery is a bit rough this time. (this is my 150th post. You guys are awesome!)

After all the warnings from previous procedures that my pressure could spike afterward…and it didn’t…well, I thought it just wasn’t going to happen to me.

Ummm. WRONG!

My  pressure spiked, and my head has been killing me.  I’m taking Diamox to lower my pressure, and that scared the bejebez out of me.  (No, I have no idea how to spell Bejebez but if you use phonics, it sounds right…doesn’t it?)   Any way, I’m petrified that I’ll get my pressure too low, and start spinning and all of that mess.

I’m having the weirdest tinnitus in my left ear.  Sounds like a rail road train, (sometimes), other times, it sounds like a very loud squeaky swing….and just all kids of things…but that’s not the weird part.  It changes if I put my hand near my ear.  If I touch around my ear, it gets louder!  And if I hic-up (which I seem to do very often), it has a very loud DING-DONG.   Driving me insane.

Think I may have taken too much Diamox yesterday (Dr. Gray was pretty vague on how much to take, take it until the headache stops.  Up to 1500mg at one time…notice not in one day…but at one time.)  Feeling kind of lost there, but since I couldn’t actually talk to her, well, Stuart doesn’t think to ask some things.  But yesterday, the world was spinning, I was amazed I wasn’t throwing up.  The world was really moving!!

My usual spot for the past week. Lots of love surrounding me.

I’ve spent the last 6 days in bed.  Well,, I tried to get up to the couch a couple of times…so I was probably up for about 3 hours total.

I feel so helpless.  Stuart usually has to help me get to the bathroom…even pull my pants down…how humiliating!  And then the most humiliating thing…and I really thought I was better about this…is when he has to give me a suppository.  I just feel so …. dependent…helpless…and just icky.  When your husband sees you naked, it shouldn’t be to put medication up your butt! Or help you go to the bathroom!  Yuck.

I feel like I have some terminal illness, and I’m just waiting to die.  It reminds me so much about taking care of my mother when she was so sick.  I know she never planned for her daughter to have to do private things for her.

And to top it all off, my hearing aid BROKE!  For the second time!

You may remember this picture below when I was showing off my new hearing aids:

The one on the left, is the one that keeps breaking.

For the second time now, I was cleaning my hearing aid, just rubbing it gently with a tissue, and the little part that holds it in your hear, has snapped off.  I’d only had the second hearing aid for about a week.  I’m so ticked!  I’m asking them to make me a new one out of the same stuff the right one is made from.  It is a much sturdier material.  The clear plastic, just cracks, like old dried up plastic does.  It’s so strange.  I’m getting a hearing test on Sept. 6th, and they will order the new hearing aid then.  (I think they have to make a new mold for this type of insert.)

I think that’s all for today.

I did want to mention, If you liked seeing and hearing about how my art has been helping me through all of this, I started a new blog that just talks about that.  It’s called Create To Heal .  Come see me, let me know what you think.  Join me in my journey.  Create Art.  Have Fun. Feel Better!


10 thoughts on “Recovery is a bit rough this time. (this is my 150th post. You guys are awesome!)

  1. Your husband is priceless. If they ever figure out cloning, can I have one of my own? (I may have asked you this before, can’t remember.) I think not being able to take care of myself physically, and knowing I can’t, is my worst fear.

    But, on to a happier topic. Love the picture of the fur babies. Nothing says well-loved, well-taken care of pets like seeing fur babies in bed with mommy.

    Good luck with the hearing test and getting a new hearing aid. Did they explain why you were given two different types of plastic. I would have thought that both hearing aids would have been made out of the same material. Weird.

    Hope Irene isn’t affecting you. Stay safe.



    1. No Maureen, you haven’t asked me that before, but someone else has. Stuart thinks it’s so funny. He said, but they aren’t you…my clone just wouldn’t be happy, he’d keep looking for you. (yes, he’s kind of hokey, but awfully romantic in his own way!)…..uh don’t tell him I said that, I’m always telling him he’s not romantic enough. I often feel that our relationship has become more medical than romantic. We need more romance time. *sigh*

      I do love my fur babies! It’s rare that they will stay on the bed that close together with me. Sandy usually gets way too jealous, and must have all of mommie’s love.

      Yes, they explained that the right hearing aid needed to have a better, tighter fit because I hear so much worse in that ear. The other one, they could use this light weight plastic…blah…blah..blah. You mean this inferior plastic? At first I really loved the clear one. it had an air hole in it, so I was less likely to get ear infections from trapped fluid. Well…nice theory…if it worked.

      Irene pretty much skirted by us. We’ve been lucky, missed the hurricane and the tornado a few months ago. It knocked all my flowers over…but that’s all. I really didn’t notice that much. And I’ve been through some pretty big hurricanes. (Hugo, Fran…both category 4) So this was just a rain storm. : )

      I’m actually feeling better today. Haven’t taken any of the pills that lower my pressure, and I’m not dying. Slight headache (2-3 on a 0-10 scale), still confused a bit, tinnitus is less, but still there….and much, much less dizzy!!

      I need to be better by Saturday! It’s my anniversary! thanks friend. wendy p/s I would give you a reprogrammed clone of my husband so he’d love you as much as mine loves me. I understand your fear. I still have that fear. I don’t know what I’d do without Stuart. He’s everything to me, not to mention love, support in my time of need, but he brings in all the income. I don’t even think I could get disability because of my sketchy work past. (the last many years I worked it was part time) It terrifies me.


  2. Hope you can get hearing aids that match structurally, that your ear issues improve, and that you start to feel better.
    My hubby had to change the bandage, clean the insision area, and put on a new bandage twice a day for serveral weeks after my melanoma surgeries as the spots were on my back where I couldn’t reach. That’s just one of the icky things he’s done for me over the years. I’m grateful that I have someone to lean on. Sounds like Stuart is a great person to have as your partner.
    Glad you have a fur family too; they make such a difference! We can’t have cats or dogs due to hubby’s allergies (and mine to some degree), but often a neighbour’s dog will adopt us, and we get to have a part-time pet outdoors where the allergy is less noticable.
    Hope Irene didn’t knock on your door!


    1. Irene may have knocked on our door, but not very loudly. No damage, except my poor flowers are on the ground now. I don’t know what I’d do without my little family. They are all so supportive. Just having Sandy and Max to cuddle with, makes me feel safer. And more normal. And hubby, well, what else could I possibly say about him?

      I am feeling better today. I’m not out dancing a jig yet…but maybe soon. *wink* wendy


  3. James

    So sorry you are having such a tough time of it.I know that ding dong sound.I started getting it this summer when ever I suppress a burp or swallow sometimes.It sounds like a car door that is open ding,ding,ding.
    Hoping for better days for you soon!


    1. James, Thank you for thinking of me. Things are a bit better today. My Ding Dong, sounds more like a normal door bell today, and not like a huge Gong going off in my head. Oh, and the train is gone…at least right now. It still gets louder when I put my hand on my ear…like feedback…strange huh? I had the hic-ups for the longest time last night…drove me insane. How was I supposed to sleep with that?

      thanks again, wendy


  4. janice


    i found you through david’s blog and read your updates often. i don’t comment because i don’t have meniere’s. you can read my story in the comments on david’s last post. i just wanted to say i hope you feel better soon.



    1. Janice,
      You are very welcome here! You don’t have to have Meniere’s. Many people who come by don’t. This is a place for anyone with a Chronic Illness. Or anyone who has to deal with someone with a Chronic Illness.
      I read you have MAV, with vestibular symptoms. You should fit right in here. I often have debilitating migraines. Luckily, not normally at the same time as the vertigo, but sometimes. I have balance issues, and well, you said you’ve been reading some of my post, so I won’t bore you with a recap.
      If you have any questions, please feel free.
      You may want to read this guest post, about one of the sweetest people I know, who doesn’t have a diagnosis…living in Limbo.
      As you can see, you are very welcome, and please comment any time!


  5. janice


    Thanks for the welcome and the link. Her symptoms are a lot like mine. I hope she has a dx. by now. I would bet it’s MAV. I notice Maureen’s blog is sunshine and chaos. Two things I can’t take. My theme song is ” I wear my sunglasses at night”. I will comment over there soon. Today seems like a short computer day. My head is crazy from Irene. We live in NJ, no damage for us though.



    1. Janice,
      I did mean to thank you so much for wishing me well. The system that came through with Irene made me feel pretty horrible too. We live in N.C., no damage to our neighborhood really, but I hear the town next to us sustained some damage. Wow, earthquake, and hurricane in one week…oh and having CSF patches…I’m exhausted just thinking about it.
      I thought you might feel a kinship with Maureen, she is the best!
      She lives in Canada. Still no diagnosis. I think they’ve given up trying. But at least she was able to get disability.

      Hope your head feels better soon. I’m getting a headache myself. May just break out my sunglasses…I often sing the words wrong, and say, “I wear my sunglasses in side.”
      My hubby and I are so strange, we make up songs about all sorts of stuff, and just laugh and laugh.
      be well as you can be.


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