Sketching Journal

I was writing in my journal and decided I needed to add a picture of how I was feeling:

Yes, my head was hurting, and the tinnitus felt like a jet engine in my ear. This was not the best day. But the sketch was therapeutic.

Today I started sketching more as I was writing.

I was inspired by these two awesome sites: (thanks Phylor for telling me about this.)  And, 

Illustrated journals can be so interesting…and inspirational.  Here’s the beginning of mine:

Decided to draw what I could see.
Having a Bad Balance Day. Thankfully, the net will catch me. (today my net has been Stuart, thanks hon)

The past two days I haven’t been able to hear much at all.  The tinnitus has been better, and the headaches have been less intense…but hearing…well…not so much.

Today, I had a mini-attack.  I felt it coming.  The world was starting to move, my stomach was doing flip-flops, I had that hot feeling….I just knew things were going to start violently spinning any moment.  Stuart kept a cook head, as usual, I was a little panicked, but worked hard to stay calm.  After taking Valium, and Phenergan…plus a phenergan suppository…things calmed down.  I’m still off balance, and not trusting myself to walk without my walker.  But I didn’t throw up!!

I hope you enjoyed my illustrations.  It felt good to accomplish something, even though I couldn’t get off the couch!



5 thoughts on “Sketching Journal

  1. deb

    Hi Wendy!
    I am really feeling for you these days! I sure hope you are feeling better soon and that you do find comfort in the support of your on-line friends! We know what you are going through! I pray that you will get a break soon from all this added discomfort (sorry that doesn’t even begin to describe this agony!!!) and that you do get an appointment with your doctor soon!!!!!


  2. Hope you’re feeling better. Any news on the new test date? I took a quick look to see if you posted anything but couldn’t find it, although I could not be not finding it.

    I don’t journal, the blog is as close as I get to it. But, looking at your first picture, I could do more of that. I’ve drawn a few pictures over the years as a way of coping, but without words. But, like with my other big plans, it’s starting it and making it a habit.



    1. Maureen, Just got a call yesterday, I’m now scheduled for the 22nd. And still on the cancellation list. I’m enjoying the drawing journal. Don’t know if I’ll keep it up, I have a hard time keeping things going. Hoping I will keep improving, and start feeling like a real artist again. : )

      thanks for asking. wendy


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