A photo of my mother in her 50's probably. Looking to her right, was cropped from a photo with other people.
My Mom. Not the best picture, but it's the only one I have on my computer.

How, how could I forget?  3 days ago was the anniversary of my mother’s death.  It has been 18 years.  I miss her every day.

So tell me.


Christeen M. Calloway, Jan. 1, 1929 - June 23, 1993 photo from findagrave.com

I know I have had a lot going on lately, but I still feel just so distraught about this.

Normally, I make a point of celebrating my mother’s life on the anniversary of her death.  Yes, I do that many days, but on that day it’s special.  I talk about memories, we eat her favorite foods….

How, oh how could I have forgotten?


4 thoughts on “I FORGOT!

  1. Wendy,

    You have had A LOT going on recently. You may have missed her anniversary, but you honour your mother each day by being the person you are.

    And, if you haven’t done so, pick a night where you can talk about memories and eat her favorite foods. Sometimes, life throws you curves and things get delayed a bit. And that’s ok. That’s life. All the better to wait a bit and enjoy the evening when you’re not as stressed.



    1. Thank you Maureen.
      I don’t know why I let that upset me so much. But I was beyond distraught! I had a melt down! (perhaps the straw that broke this camel’s back?)
      I just needed to get it out.

      Thank you for your continued support! It means the world to me!


  2. For many years, I had a celebration of one sort or another on my dad’s death anniversay. If I am under a great deal of stress, as I have been lately, I forgot the 20th anniversay of his death. I went over to the plot, and apologized.
    I’m sure your mother would understand how you could forget under the circumstances. Like Maureen suggests, pick a day to hono(u)r your mom.


    1. Phylor, This really makes me feel better. I know my mother would probably like the fact that I just forgot, as another friend of mine told me, she would think it was a sign I was finally healing. Of course, not after I broke down 3 days later. : ) I wish I lived closer to her plot. (It would take me 5 hours to go visit the plot) I’m glad they have perpetual care at the cemetery, I don’t think I could take it if I didn’t know it was being kept up. Thank you again. We are only human. I do need to learn to give myself a break more often. w


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