Orthopedist Appointment – Ouch!

Today I had a follow up appointment with my Orthopedist about my hip.

This shows where part of my pain is located. (image courtesy of http://www.cartage.org.lb)

Last night I was in the kitchen and turned from the sink to the counter behind me and my hip popped and hurt.  It hurt for most of the night.  (one of the reasons I had a hard time going to sleep).  This was good information for the doctor.  He took this information and then moved my hip all around, causing a lot of pain.  He came to the conclusion that my psoas may be need to be “clipped”.  (My husband reminded me that the doctor said that he would “release” it.  I remember hearing both terms being used, but perhaps “releasing” is more descriptive of what he’s actually talking about.)   His office is getting a new ultrasound machine, hopefully, next week.  He wants to look at my hip under a live ultrasound to see what it’s doing.  Perhaps we will be closer to getting some answers.

While I was there I decided to ask him about all of the pain I’ve been having in my shoulder, neck, down my arm….and my hand is asleep every time I wake up in the morning.  This has been bothering me much more than my hip lately.

My doctor examined me.  He moved my arm all around, had me push this way and that, and heard the crunching in my shoulder.

He said I have some trouble with my rotator cuff.  He also said mentioned that I have some carpel tunnel troubles.  (I knew that.)  He said that my hand shouldn’t be going to sleep because of my rotator cuff, unless it is very inflamed.  He said it was probably the carpel tunnel, but I mentioned that it doesn’t get better when I where my wrist brace.  So…we just don’t know yet.  He said I need to strengthen my rotator cuff first, and we’ll go from there.

On a better note, my ear isn’t hurting any more, and I haven’t been dizzy any more.  Yay!!

Lately my blog has been having some problems.

I don’t know what happened to my Theme on my blog, but it just wasn’t showing up right.  Some technical difficulties, I guess.  So I tried to fix it, and well, I lost everything that I had in my right sidebar.  I’m trying to fix it up, but bear with me.  Please.

image courtesy of butnowwhat.com

I’m pleased to announce that coming up next on Picnic With Ants

Maureen from Sunshine and Chaos writes about living in limbo!

Stay tuned!!


4 thoughts on “Orthopedist Appointment – Ouch!

  1. I guess this means that the medical magic wand still hasn’t been invented yet? I hope you don’t have to have surgery. “Clipped” sounds like an interesting way to say things.

    I’m glad the ear isn’t bothering you any more. Always good news to hear that.



    1. Funny, until I read your comment I didn’t really think about it…but saying that I’m getting “clipped”, kinda sounds like I’m getting a vascetomy. No wait, we say that’s getting “snipped”. (of course, I wouldn’t be getting snipped either, since I’m a woman.) LOL I don’t know why that struck me as so funny. Perhaps it’s the pain pills I’m taking for my shoulder. They make me a little happier, and sleepier, but I don’t really feel like the pain is less. Wish I had the stuff they gave me when I had the CSF patches done. As I told Dr. Gray, “yeah, I can still feel the pain, I just don’t care any more.” That was nice. I didn’t feel loopy, or anything, I just felt mellow, and didn’t feel like the pain was important enough for me to pay any attention to it. HA! Now I’m giggling about that. I think my funny bone is working today at least! w


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