The fraudulent Gluten Free Baker, Paul Seelig, owner of Great Specialty Products, was found guilty of 23 counts of fraud, and sentenced to no less than 9 years in prison.

To read more about this please see my post on Wendy Cooks: Fraudulent Gluten Free Baker Sentenced.

Thank you all for supporting me through this.  I’m so glad this is over, and I put it behind me.  I used to buy gluten-free products from local bakers, trying to support our local businesses.  Now, that has been spoiled.  How can I trust people to really be baking gluten-free?  Until the FDA states the requirements for a business to say their products are gluten-free, I won’t be buying any products that aren’t certified gluten free.


2 thoughts on “Guilty!

  1. Wendy, I just had to share an observation I made that is along the same lines as your experience though MUCH less severe (no comparison here). I have been buying this most awesome salsa from a local market made by a local company. It is delicious beyond words. They make the best chips, too, which I diligently brush the salt off of with a pastry brush which makes me look psychotic, I am sure. Anyway, for well over a year I have been buying these because the salsa label always stated that it had 65 mg of sodium per 2 tbsp serving (very low!). Well, I just happened to look at the label again yesterday as I was scooping piles of it on my chips and see that the label now says 200 mg per 2 tbsp serving. I can eat half a container at a sitting (not always on chips, for the record, but on eggs, etc.). I was always suspicious that something could taste so good with so little salt given the food industry’s love affair with the stuff, but it is just spicy enough to cover up any hint of saltiness that I might o/w have noticed.

    Like I said not an equivalent situation, but I got a little taste of feeling duped.

    Take care and SO glad you have been too busy to blog!!



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