I’m really driving again now!

I’m so very excited, we bought me a car yesterday!!

It’s been about 4 years, give or take, since I had a car of my own.  Now that I can drive again, and we will probably be having a child in the house soon, it was time for me to start looking at cars.  It has taken about 2 months of looking, but yesterday we found the perfect car!

It’s a 2008 Convertible Volkswagen Beetle.  Isn’t it cute??

As a friend of mine said today, “Watch out Wendy’s on the road again.”

What a milestone.  Just think, I couldn’t drive just a few months ago, now I have my own car.  hehehe!

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About Wendy

I'm taking a journey learning to live a mindful and happy life, while living with Chronic Illnesses. I'm a bit of an idealist. I want everyone to be happy and think everyone should want the same for others. I don’t understand mean people. I cry easily and laugh often. I love cartoons, Dr. Who, and my wonderful husband...not in that order!

6 thoughts on “I’m really driving again now!

  1. What a nice car!!! And what a wonderful freedom for you to be driving again. I haven´t been driving the last years but last friday I did!! I took the car to the supermarket (I usually walk there). What a great feeling it was! I made it! I don´t think others can understand the pure happiness you can feel by simply driving a car and go shopping on your own. So I wish you happy driving with your lovely yellow bug!


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