No New Punctures for Now

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I just got off the phone with Dr. Gray.  I told her how much better I’m feeling, and she said she didn’t want to even test my pressure if I’m feeling this good.  She doesn’t want to mess around with things.

She is very hopeful that I will continue to feel better.  (me too!)

I am wondering if the reason I’m feeling so much better is because I stopped taking Topamax.  It can lower your pressure, so it could have been causing my pressure to be too low.  Or it could also be because I started taking B12 shots.  Tomorrow will be week 3, so I should really be starting to feel a difference there.  I have much more energy, and I just feel better.  Perhaps a combination of the two has really made the difference.  I don’t know, but I’m just grateful to be feeling so very much better!

What a difference from just a couple of months ago, huh?

Oh, I am talking on the phone again!  I had 3 conversations on the phone today and I was able to hear the people, and I didn’t get nauseous.  (often when I tried to talk on the phone before, even when I could hear, it made me so dizzy I would get sick to my stomach)


3 thoughts on “No New Punctures for Now

  1. Ren

    Hi! I’m new to your blog. Our stories are very similar…after 47 years of misdiagnosis, I too have realized that I have pretty severe wheat/gluten issues and Menieres and am now on an amazing road to recovery! On the Menieres…I have found that after I cut onions, garlic and other sulphur producing foods from my diet the “water in the ears” problem has all but disappeared…I also cannot take sulpha drugs for the same reason…hope that is helpful to others sufferers 🙂


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