What a nice day!

I had such a nice day today, I just had to share it.

My hearing is better.  No symptoms at all really!  Yay!

Today we went to the co-op first and stocked up on groceries for the week.  We came home and made burgers.  We cooked them on the grill, and then we ate outside.  It was about 80F!  So cool.

Then we went to look at cars.  For ME!  Yes, we are looking at buying me a car.  For years we’ve been a one car family, but one of the biggest reasons I don’t drive is because I’m afraid that I will get out and have an attack and won’t be able to get home.  I would just feel so much better I knew I could call Stuart to come get me if something happens and I feel like I can’t drive.

This is the car I test drove today:

2004 Volkswagen Beetle

How cool is that?  We drove it with the top off, and it was so much fun!

Not sure we’ll get this car, but it sure was fun test driving it.

Another nice thing about today…my husband has been flirting with me all day.  It’s so nice.  He so often has to be my caregiver, it’s so very nice for us a day where we are just a married couple, in love, and having fun together.

I’ve been feeling great lately.  I still have my lumbar puncture scheduled for Wednesday, I think I’ll try to do as much as I can from now until then.  That way if over doing it is what caused my last set back, it should do it again.

Tomorrow, I have another one of those Breath Tests.  On Friday when I could finally eat I had such a horrible headache I was forced to bed for hours.  I hope tomorrow’s experience is better.

Today was such a nice day.


5 thoughts on “What a nice day!

  1. Jimmy

    Glad you have a great day!!

    Nate has been interested in convertibles since he rode in the Z3. Of course, he also loves our “bugcar”. Today I showed him a “convertible bugcar”, he said “Let’s take it home” 🙂 So if you get one of these I have an eager passenger for you.


  2. What a perfect sounding day! Wonderful, flirty husband, great weather, looking at cars. I hope you find something you like. Are you sticking with the VW or are you looking for something similar in size?

    And, more importantly, will you have a scarf for your head so you can look glamourous and cool at the same time?

    Good luck with the test today.


    1. I should add, since I’m just getting my brain started, that the scarf is in reference to driving a car with the top off. Unless you prefer driving with the wind blowing through your hair, which is equally cool!



      1. I did understood the scarf reference. How very Audrey Hepburn! I love it!!
        I’ve also been looking at Jeep Wranglers. I used to have one and they are still my first love. But they don’t seem very practical.
        However, this is to be our impractical car. We’ll have one practical car, and one fun car. Of course, I’ll get the fun car! : )
        I did really like this VW though. And it isn’t nearly as noisy as a Jeep. I’m afraid that noise might really bother me now with my ear troubles.
        The car we drove yesterday was priced a bit high. So we’ll have to think, and perhaps haggle a bit. And perhaps find a different one somewhere else.
        No hurry.


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