A Different Thursday

Today I don’t have anything particular to write about.

Health wise things are about the same.  I’m feeling a bit better.  Hearing has improved, but still not up to its normal standards, and I’m still nursing a headache.  However, the weather has been crazy here.  Warm one moment, cold the next, and now it’s raining.  So all in all things are pretty good there right now.  Just waiting on the next visit to see Dr. Gray on the 2nd.

Every year about this time our master bathroom gets invaded with lady bugs.  I’m not sure how they get in there, the window doesn’t open, I think they just came with the house.  : )

Lady Bugs in my Bathroom

Yesterday I took a picture of myself.  Don’t know why, I just felt kind of pretty.

That's me!

Today I had a first: I was served with a Subpoena.   Of course I’ve seen people get served on TV many times, but I got mine in the mail.  How weird is that?  It is such a strange feeling to see on a piece of paper that I am COMMANDED to appear and testify in court the week of March 28th.  I have to testify against Paul Seelig, former owner of Great Specialty Products.  He was selling bread as Gluten-Free bread and it wasn’t.  I was one of the people who bought some and got sick.  It’s a much longer story than this, and I may tell more later, but for now you can read the initial news report about it here: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/6949028/ if you would like.

I won’t bore you with the details of how involved I got in this case.  But I feel so betrayed, and hurt.  I believed this man, and he could have killed people.  I got sick and convinced myself that I must have gotten gluten somewhere else.  I feel like I am such a bad judge of character now.


3 thoughts on “A Different Thursday

  1. Oh Wendy, that is terrible that this man made you so sick with his gluten free bread! 😦 Not knowing the details, I can see how you would feel betrayed and hurt. But, you are not a bad judge of character just because this man betrayed you and countless others. HE was the one who has the issue.


  2. Wendy,

    Don’t let him make you think you were wrong. He’s a con man/sociopath/whatever his problems are who purposely harmed people. That was his intent. He hurt you and others and, like you said, could have killed people. I agree with Kelly, he is the one who has issues, not you. I hope he is found guilty and that his punishment reflects that people could have died.

    On a much, much brighter note, great picture of yourself.



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