Welcome to my new blog.

(I’m still working on the look of this blog, please bare with me.)

I decided to change the name of my blog.  No more 365 Days to a Healthier Me.

When I first started 365 Days, I thought I would be able to measure how much healthier I was getting day-to-day.  Now I realize that just isn’t possible.  I have set backs, and this depresses me so.  I feel like I’m failing at getting healthier.

I used to have a blog on Blogger that was called Picnic with Ants.  My husband really loved that name, and I’ve had a few people find that blog recently and wanted to know why I stopped writing there.  The truth is, I was in one of those states where I just didn’t feel like it was worth it.  Blogging, trying, life in general…so I just stopped.

Now, I’m determined again to get better.  Some how I will get this nasty Meniere’s under control.  I will find out what is going on with my gut.  I will be able to exercise.  I will eat even better.  I will get healthier!

I’m going to try to export all of the posts from 365 Days to a Healthier Me to this blog.

I’m making a lot of changes right now.

I’m also changing my Gluten Free Greenie Blog to a Word Press Blog called Wendy Cooks.  There are many reasons I’m moving to WordPress, but it really comes down to 2.  One, I seem to get much more traffic on my WordPress blog.  Two, if I decide to have a giveaway, I don’t want my readers to leave their email address in their post to enter.  I don’t feel like this is safe.  I don’t want to cause anyone to have unsolicited email because they entered a giveaway on my blog.

Wendy Cooks will be all about my cooking.  I cook everything Gluten-Free and Low Sodium.  To find out more please visit that site.  (I don’t have everything up and running on that site yet, but I’m working on it.)

Thank you all for sticking with me during this move.

I hope you to continue to see you all, and some new faces, at my new home.


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