I have a Freight Train in my Head!

I simply can not believe how bad the tinnitus has been lately.  First, I got that dang pinging sound….drives me insane.

Last night my left ear started roaring so loud I couldn’t concentrate.  I get loud noises and squealing sometimes, but that never last that long.  Usually, I just have this electronic sounding hum…annoying enough, but I’ve gotten used to it.  But the noise last night lasted for hours.  I was surprised I fell asleep, but I think it simply exhausted me, and it was a steady noise and I’ve found those aren’t as hard to sleep with.  That pinging sound, now that keeps me awake.  Every time I start to doze off, PING, and I am startled awake.  I swear it’s getting worse.

I went to see Dr. Kaylie yesterday.  He’s my otolaryngologist.  He’s optimistic because I had such good results from my blood patch at the beginning, but he thinks I may need another patch.  He was going to be meeting with Dr. Gray last night to discuss their patients.  (they now have 22 patients together.  I don’t think they all have Meniere’s.  I am only one of 2 that have Bi-lateral Meniere’s.

He told a story of a woman who was found to have high pressure and she was taking the medication to keep it under control.  She was symptom free for 6 months and the medicine stopped working.  All her symptoms came back.  I know I’ve been having a hard time having a relapse after 10 days, I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I was better for 6 months and then it all came crashing back down.


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