A good and very bad Sunday.

The day started out well.  I still couldn’t hear, but I was feeling ok.  So we decided to take a trip to the NC State Farmer’s Market.  We were on a quest for pumpkins!  We spent nearly an hour and a half picking out the perfect pumpkins for us to decorate, or just use as decoration.  It was much fun.

Since there isn’t any organic produce at this farmer’s market, after we got our pumpkins we decided to make a run to Whole Foods.  Look at the wonderful produce we picked up.  The winter squash came from the farmer’s market, the rest came from Whole Foods.  Most are organic and local, some are just organic, and well, a few are grown conventionally.

On the way home from Whole Foods I started having a vertigo attack.  At the first sign of dizziness I took my medication, but it didn’t really help.  The swaying and bumping in the car was horrible on our 40+ minute drive home.  I will never go that far from home when I’m having Meniere’s trouble.  I should have known better.

Shortly after we got home I started throwing up.  The attack started around 4:30pm and finally stopped around 7:00pm.  Actually this was a fairly short attack, considering I’ve had them last over 8 hours before.   However, it was particularly violent.  I’m so sore and tired today.  I will have to just rest and recover.


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