Another Lumbar Puncture in my Future

The headaches have gotten worse.  The tinnitus is mind-boggling.

image from Google images, not sure where the original is from.


Dr. Gray wants to test my pressure again.  If it’s low I’ll be getting another myelogram to look for new leaks.  If it’s high, I’ll probably be put on medication for a while, it may just be taking my body a while to get used to the higher pressure after patching the leaks.

I’m so tired.  And tired of just lying around.  Staying horizontal is helpful, so that’s what I’ve been doing most of the time.

Keeping a journal.  I can now go in with dated material saying how I felt each day.  This is thanks to the “morning pages” I’ve been writing for the Artist’s Way workshop.  I write about much more, but of course, my health is in the forefront of my thoughts right now, so I’m writing a lot about that.  Now I’m just going to go through my journal, and make a condensed diary of my symptoms.  I should have been doing this all along, but I hate it.  I don’t like to think about my symptoms on a daily basis.  They seem worse when I actually sit down and think about it.

I’m still trying to get my Day Zero list completed.  I’ve completed 3 things, and have 10 in progress.  Anyone else out there have a list of goals they are trying to complete?  I’m finding this very motivating.  I bought a Living Social offer for a local Art Class!  And we bought one for Swing Dance Lessons!  Yes the dance lessons will have to wait for a little while, but the offer doesn’t expire for 6 months.  I’m confident we’ll be able to do it before then!  I’ve been looking at the classes that are offered at Happymess (the place the offer is for), I’m hoping to learn how to Batik, or perhaps I’ll do a figure drawing class, or even a still life??  So much to do, so little time….just 978 days left, and 98 more things to complete.