#HAWMC Day 30 – Health Activism Goals

Today is Day 30 of #HAWMC (WEGO’s Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge).  The prompt today is:

hawmc day 30.jpg

I’ll be absolutely honest, I don’t like to set goals.  Since I’ve been sick, setting goals always seems to lead to utter disappointment.  That doesn’t mean I don’t make plans, I do, but if they don’t come to fruition, I don’t get bent out of shape about it.  If I made a set goal to accomplish with my health activism I would feel bad if I couldn’t follow it through.  With this in mind I do have a few things I’ve been working on that I’d like to follow through on.

For the past six months I’ve been writing a post called Mindfulness Monday, it contains a couple of mindfulness quotes and an illustration created by me.  I’ve worked hard to make sure all the illustrations are created by me, even if I have to reach back and use things I created a while back.  I plan to keep this going.  I think nurturing the mind and spirit is just as important as nurturing the body.

Recently I’ve become more active on Twitter, I plan to keep growing this avenue of reaching out with my activism.  I’m getting more involved in Twitter chats and hope to be able to contribute more in the future.  (I really love intake.me‘s Patient Chats.)

I’m thinking of becoming an ambassador for VEDA (vestibular.org) however, I’m not sure I can follow through on all the requirements.  I’ve decided to do the requirements for a while before signing up, to make sure I can do it.  A kind of “try it out” first.  I think this will take the pressure off of me to be able to do it right from the start, and I won’t feel guilty if I can’t keep it up.

This past week has once again taught me that making plans is not something I can do lightly.  I’ve been having vertigo on and off a LOT the past week.  I’m proud of myself that I finished this blogging challenge.  I’m very proud of all that I’ve accomplished this week in spite of being stuck in a chair watching the world move around for most of the time.  (just going to the bathroom by myself is a major accomplishment, yes!!)

To sum up, this month I realized I’d like to get more involved in being a health activist, I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I am searching for just the right something.

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