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I’m sharing this post by my friend over at See Janye Run. I’m so excited about this cookbook giveaway to take place on Tuesday, November 12th,  and thought you might be too! Jayne just told me they started the giveaway a little early so I just got my copy!  Be sure to head over to Amazon and snag a copy before it’s too late! 

All the details are in her post..

Don’t Forget!! #HAWMC Day 22

Today’s Prompt:   The Things We Forget. Visit and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it?

Instead of creating a reminder on list on-line, I posted notes through-out my house.  Things we need to remember.

How many times have I forgotten to take my medication? Too many! Now I keep them all sorted by day and time to take, and have them where I won't miss them. Must remember to take my meds!

2 Things I have to remember before I can take a shower.
1 - Take my hearing aid out. Yes I have gotten in the shower and started to wet my hair and realized...Oh NO! I have my hearing aid in! Luckily no damage done, but this I must remember!
2. Because of the vertigo and disequilibrium, I cannot take a shower without someone near to hear me if I need help. I've fallen a few times, or ended up sitting on the shower floor just trembling in fear. I need to swallow my pride and ask my husband for help.

My hubby needs noise to sleep, so he leaves the bathroom fan on at night. This doesn't bother me because I take my hearing aid out. However, in the morning the first sound I want to hear when I put my hearing aid in is not a wind tunnel!!!! Since my hearing is distorted, the fan doesn't just sound like a little fan, it sounds like I'm in a huge wind storm. So honey, please remember to turn the fan off.

The 2 notes are on our front door, things we don't want to forger when going outside.
1 - I have an emergency kit made up in case I have an attack when I am out. This item we should never leave home without. Also I need to drink a lot of water with the medication I'm on, and I also need to have water close in case I have to take emergency pills. A Must that we Cannot Forget when leaving the house!
2 - I'm often spent by the evening, so Hubby needs to water the plant in the front. We have a small area with herbs, and some flowers. He often forgets to water. This has made for an unhappy wife. So Watering the Plants out front...Important not to forget!

Very Important, Every Day, a note to myself "Remember You are Loved!"