Looking Inside

There is nothing like having a camera stuck down your throat.  Yes I have a sore throat now, and my tummy is not feeling great.  I think they topped the gas off too.  Whew!

Well, this test shows I have Acid Reflux, and a little Gastritis.  (he still wants me to have the CT scan to make sure my bowels aren’t doing something funny where the cameras just don’t reach.  I thought, geez, you put a camera up one way, now you’ve put a camera down the other way, you mean there is still more you can’t see?)

My official paper that he gave me says that my “Z-line is irregular, 37cm from incisors”, and I have “Gastric mucosal abnormality characterized by erythema.  Biopsied.”

Ok, so I looked up with a Z-Line Irregularity means.  It mainly appears to mean that it shows I have acid reflux, but I’ll know more after the biopsy.  And the 37cm from incisors is just how they measure where the Z-Line starts in people (or maybe where the irregularity is).  Mine is 37 cm (or 14.6 inches) from my front teeth.

The other part: “Gastric mucosa abnormality characterized by erythema.”  Simply means I have a little bit of gastritis but it’s not bleeding.  Erythema means that it’s read and inflamed but it turns white when you press on it, so no bleeding.  (hopefully)  It also sounds like I have a bit too much mucus.

He put me on Prevacid.  I’ve been on this medication before, for years actually.  I don’t like being on this for so long, but I’ll do it for now.  He also told me to follow an anti-reflux regimen indefinitely.  That should be fun.

This is the Anti-Reflux Diet:


  1. Caffeinated Drinks
  2. Carbonated Drinks
  3. Greasy or Fatty Foods
  4. Spicy Foods
  5. Citrus fruits or juices
  6. Tomatoes or tomato bases
  7. Onions
  8. Peppermint
  9. Chocolate
  10. Alcohol
  11. Nicotine.

Ok, so most of these are no big deal for me, but NO TOMATOES?  or even worse NO ONIONS?  If you have read my recipes you will know that I cook with onion and garlic all the time!

What I can eat and drink:

  • water or herbal tea
  • Skim milk, low fat milk, low fat yogurt, low fat or fat free sour cream and cream cheese, and low fat cottage cheese  (WAIT A MINUTE HERE, THEY DON’T MENTION ANY REAL CHEESE AT ALL, NOT EVEN LOW FAT CHEESE…I DON’T THINK THAT’S RIGHT.)
  • Any Plain raw, baked, broiled, or steamed vegetable, Except Onions and Tomatoes.
  • Any Plain Raw, Broiled or baked Fruit (Except Citrus)
  • Any Plain Baked, Broiled, Steamed lean beef, pork, chicken, poultry, or fish.
  • Any low fat bread or Cereal, plain rice, plain pasta (Of Course, I can only have the Gluten-Free Version of these.)
  • Low Fat desserts (less that 3 grams of fat per serving)
  • Any fat free or low fat soup without tomatoes or onions.

This is going to be a challenge.  The biggest challenge will be, No tomatoes (I love a good tomato sauce, I can’t stand them raw, but I love a good sauce.)  No Onions!  Oh my goodness.  What will I do?  I found there is an Indian herb called Asafoetida that when used in cooking gives the flavor of onion and garlic.  I guess I will try that.  Supposedly before it is cooked it smells like stinky feet and poop…that should be interesting.  Oh, and cheese, that will be hard.  But I guess I can use vegan cheese.  I do like the Dayia Cheese.

As I said, a challenge, especially since we have a lot of cheese in the house.  🙂  Hopefully, it will make my tummy feel better, and I can stop running to the bathroom so much.  That will make it all worth it I guess.

Shopping, Sleeping, and Heartburn

Yesterday my husband had the day off because he has to work this Saturday.  It’s neat to have him all to myself on a day during the week, but it’s sad we won’t have Saturday.  So we decided to do some shopping!

Streets at Southpoint Mall, Durham, NC


The Christmas shopping sales started a little early this year.  We got a flyer from Macy’s and they had a Cuisinart Immersible Blender on sale for $18.99, I was excited because I really needed to replace mine.  I was also looking for a mini-slow cooker. One that’s only about 1.5 quarts, I found one at J.C. Penney for only $9.99!  What a great find.

We walked the huge halls of The Streets at Southpoint Mall for a couple of hours, checking prices, deciding on if we really needed something, and finally having lunch.  I was so tired.  But we had 2 more stops to make.  One at Target to see if they had a couple of things we needed, that trip proved fruitless.  And a stop at the hardware store to pick up a timer for my crock pot, so I can now leave it on when I leave the house and don’t have to worry about getting home to turn it off, and a couple of other things we needed around the house.   We got a call while we were in the hardware store and found out it would be a good time to go and pick up one of the Crock Pots I’m borrowing for Thanksgiving.

So off to pick up the Crock Pot….and a nice visit with our friends.  Including seeing their new baby.

By the time we got home I was exhausted.  My whole body hurt.  Especially my hip.  When I tried to sleep last night my hip hurt so much I just couldn’t sleep, even after taking Trazadone.  I also had to take a pain pill.  I hate taking all that medication.  Finally, I got to sleep, and it wasn’t really that late.

Just like me asleep with the dog and cat.

This morning I got up and ate some breakfast, but I felt so droggy.  I felt like I was still feeling the effects of the drugs I took the night before.  So I put some beans, BBQ sauce, and Chicken hot dogs in the new small cooker and I went back to bed, I did not want a repeat of the way I felt on Sunday.  I slept until about 3pm.

When I woke up, I felt much better, and the house smelled like someone was cooking. Of course, it was my slow cooker telling me I could eat any time I wanted.  I was surprised that it was pretty good.  There was a lot more liquid in the mixture than I put in, so I would have liked it more if it was thicker, but it was still good.  I ate my Beans and Dogs with my home-made Sauerkraut.  It was very good.  However, before I was even finished I was running to the bathroom, again.  Every day, it’s crazy.  I keep having to run to the bathroom from 1-5 times a day.  (3 today)

So later, I wanted something else to eat but I was afraid of eating anything too heavy.  Unfortunately, I’m out of bread and haven’t made any, and I’m also out of any plain crackers.  So my darling husband make me a few pancakes.  After eating I’ve had the worst heartburn.  I took Maalox, something I don’t like to do, I stretched, my husband patted me on the back, I burped a lot, but nothing seemed to help.  Finally, I ate a little apple sauce, and everything is calming down.

I read about an Acid/Alkaline diet a while back and the main part of it I didn’t really pay attention to, but I did decide to try some eating some of the foods that they have on the highest Alkaline list when my stomach starts to scream with too much acid, and acid reflux.  During the summer, this is easy because Watermelon is a very alkaline food, but now that it’s fall, I didn’t know what to eat.  So of course, I searched the handy-dandy internet (how did we ever get along without it?), and found that apples are also a highly alkaline food.  Not as alkaline as watermelon, but still pretty high.  And the pectin in applesauce is supposed to help with GI problems.  Maybe I should eat more applesauce, or perhaps I should make another apple crisp?  Ummmm, apples.