Self-Care Cheat Sheet – repost from Honor Yourself Now

I found this wonderful post on Honor Yourself Now.  It’s for everyone, not just us chronically ill peeps.  There are some things you may have to adjust depending on your abilities.

For example, I can’t exercise.  But I can couch dance to something silly on the TV, I can sometimes go downstairs, or just walk around the room.  That’s moving it for me, I’ll even sing in my head – “You’ve Got to Move IT!”  (don’t you love that song from Madagascar?

I do try to laugh each day, really I don’t have to try, my husband and I are pretty silly.  That’s a big for me.  I believe in not being too serious about things all the time.  Seeing the levity in a serious situation has gotten me though a lot of hard times.

So take care of yourself!!  I say, take some time and pamper yourself a little too.

Self-Care Cheat Sheet.

Please click on image to be taken to the original post on Honor yourself Now
Please click on image to be taken to the original post on Honor yourself Now

8 thoughts on “Self-Care Cheat Sheet – repost from Honor Yourself Now

  1. I’m trying to tell you somethin’ about my life
    Maybe give me insight between black and white
    And the best thing you’ve ever done for me
    Is to help me take my life less seriously
    It’s only life after all, yea
    Indigo Girls – Closer To Fine
    Here’s to laughter. Hubby and I get silly too!


  2. I love you quoted the Indigo Girls!! BTW, you didn’t have to tell me who sang it, I’ve seen them in concert a few times. : )
    and yes…I think that is one of the best things my husband has helped me with…learning to take my life less seriously.
    it doesn’t always work, but I try. ; )


  3. Laughter has gotten me through all the dark times in my life–way before chronic pain. I don’t ever want to lose it. Whenever it has been hard to come by–life was rather miserable, to say the least. 😉

    The link wouldn’t wrk for me. But I’ve been having laptop issues since Leah switched me to Chrome. I don’t think my Mac is that fond of Chrome, so it might be me. 😉


  4. Rita, hmmmm, it might be Chrome, I had trouble with it when I was using it. Chrome didn’t like WordPress. Go figure. The link just goes to the post that has the list. I hope that’s visible, I tried to make sure it was, instead of just linking to it, I actually saved it and put it in as a picture and put the link in separate.
    if you’d like to see her blog, it’s the name at the bottom of the Self Care Cheat Sheet. I just checked the link from my computer and it worked. But I’m running Firefox.

    BTW…about my last post…i was tickled too, and it made MY day!!


  5. No, it says page cannot be found. Probably my laptop. I am having Dagan and Leah check things out on Weds when they come over and see if they can get it back to liking Chrome or switching back to Safari–LOL! 😉


    1. Rita,
      Well, poo! Here’s the actual address if you want to see her blog.
      I hope it’s nothing serious, and I hope others aren’t having this trouble. I just clicked over there from the link, and had Stuart do it from his computer….oh what is he running? I don’t remember. But he got there.

      I’m needing to post. Have written half of a couple of posts but haven’t finished anything. Just don’t feel up to it. Or much of anything. Still having trouble getting my medication working right. The drug they changed me to isn’t working, actually, it has caused some issues. So back to the beginning. : )


      1. Thanks, Wendy! It’s very likely my laptop. It’s been acting up and I plan to have my son clean it out for me. Macs don’t usually get viruses, but I don’t think mine likes Chrome–LOL! I will probably have to back to Safari. 😉


        1. Well Sweetie, I can tell you my ThinkPad…..from lenova formerly IBM….ran fine on Chrome, but WordPress didn’t like it. Trying to work on my blog on WordPress when I had Chrome just didn’t work. It was a while back… the earlier days of Chrome, but I bet WordPress and Chrome still don’t like each other. : ) I know Dagan will fix it up!! Hopefully, you haven’t missed anything else….my little link was easy to send you to. xoxox


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