Madlib – # HAWMC Day 21

Today’s Prompt Health Madlib Poem. Go to : and fill in the parts of speech and the site will generate a poem for you. Feel free to post the Madlib or edit it to make it better.

A big break for the normal health talk, and such….

My husband got the biggest laugh out of this, and we felt it went great with Edward Gorey so here it is:

Edward Gorey Illustration photo from

sad husband’s, sad husband.

slovenly i have never go, quickly beyond
any doctor, your wife have their mad:
in your most loving home are things which stay me,
or which i cannot change because they are too loudly

your wanting look eagerly will unresist me
though i have fight myself as carpet,
you love always window by window myself as dinner hate
(expecting easily, quietly) her hurting egg

or if your garden be to hope me, i and
my chicken will do very lovingly, longingly,
as when the illness of this doctor don’t
the sunshine hopefully everywhere jumping;

nothing which we are to bounce in this birds cut
the dog of your cautious girl: whose cat
blow me with the house of its grass,
runing hospital and food with each walking

(i do not fall what it is about you that sleep
and believe; only something in me adapt
the money of your wife is callous than all dinner)
insurance, not even the work, has such nurturing noise

– wendy & e.e. cummings


3 thoughts on “Madlib – # HAWMC Day 21

    1. hahaha, well I do like chickens…but that really made me think of Angel Heart…the movie. Creepy movie with a lot of hidden symbolism. have you seen it? I hope my chickens aren’t like the chickens in that movie…lovingly.

      My favorite line…”though i have fight myself as carpet” I just crack up with that one. I know I could have played with it and made it bettter….but I thought it was STUPID!

      hugs. w


      1. Saw the movie when it came out on vhs, but had to read up on it. Only remembered Lisa Bonet was in it and there was blood.

        Had chicken last night. Was suggested to me that we have chicken for dinner tonight, again. I said no. Must spread the chicken love.

        For those not playing at home, I did an online grocery order the other night, right before I went to bed. Only wanted 4 chicken breasts. Ended up asking for 4 family-size packages of breasts (24 breasts total) along with the 20 chicken thighs I asked for. We will be feasting on chicken for the next month.

        Cluck cluck.


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