Short update – with promise of more to come…

Yesterday I arrived at Duke Hospital at 7:30am (after just 3 hours of sleep the night before…I am NOT a morning person!)

Got in my hospital gown, got my IV in place (of course the girl didn’t listen to me and tried to stick me where I knew she wouldn’t be able to get a vein…yes, I know it feels like a nice vein, but it’s deep and it rolls out of the way…every time!)  I told her exactly where to stick me, she said, those veins don’t like to cooperate.  I mentioned, this was my 5th time having this done.  After, botching the first try (thank you very much for the nice big bruise) she tried where I suggested.  Got it, no problems.  Hummm, would be nice if they listened wouldn’t it?

Talked with Dr. Gray.  Decided if my pressure was low she would do another myelogram, and more patches.

And that’s what happened.  My pressure was 17, a little higher than last time, but still low..for me.  I had a headache, she added some CSF, and voila, it went away!  Just like that…strangest thing, I just can’t get over how that feels.

I was then given a myelogram (that gave me one heck of a headache, luckily, they had nice pain meds on hand for me.)

Then I was patched in 7 places.  Most of them in my mid back, one lower.

Marked for CSF patches.

I did ask Dr. Gray why some of the punctures were so far away from the spine.  She said, “The reason the needles are out farther is that they are directed to the area around the spine but the anatomy is such that in order to negotiate the transverse processes you have to take a steeper angle, farther out from midline.”

She will compare the old myelogram and the new myelogram and let me know if these were new leaks, or if the patches on the old leaks haven’t been holding.  That is the BIG question!  From there, we’ll have more questions….if new leaks, why?  will I continue to get new leaks? how to stop it? If old leaks, why isn’t the sealant holding? how can we fix it?

I have lot’s of pictures.  Some play by play action of getting patched up.  I promise to post them soon.  Hopefully, tomorrow.

Today, I have a dreadful headache.  My pressure may be spiking, getting used to not having the leaks.  Taking meds, but it just doesn’t seem to be touching it.

The procedure went well, very minimal pain.  My back doesn’t hurt hardly at all now.

Am trying to be cautiously optimistic.  (but really, everything is going to be great, isn’t it?….oh, please. oh, please..)


4 thoughts on “Short update – with promise of more to come…

  1. James

    So that’s whey the marks are so far away from the spine,ok that makes sense.I hope you are feeling better.

    I too had a nurse that I wanted to take a refresher course in drawing bloods.I always looked like a junkie after bloods were drawn.


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