Quick Question – Vestibular information and Mental Imagery

Mental Imagery - (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

I found this study and I don’t really understand it.

I was wondering if anyone could read it and tell me what you think?

Vestibular information is necessary for maintaining metric properties of representational space: Evidence from mental imagery




I found a site that has some interesting information. http://callierlibrary.wordpress.com  It’s links to different medical studies.  If you search for Meniere’s Disease, you will find a lot of post about different studies on the subject.  That’s where I originally found the study above.



3 thoughts on “Quick Question – Vestibular information and Mental Imagery

  1. Very interesting, Wendy. I’m not sure I quite grasp exactly what they were looking for, too bad we can’t read the whole study. But I drew the conclusion that vestibular loss somehow changes the way the brain processes information?

    I can say that since my last 2 gent shots 8 months ago, something just ain’t right with my brain. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but the vast majority of the time I just don’t feel sharp in the brain. I have a lot of word-finding problems and often have difficulty summing up things as they are happening in real time. In other words, I feel slow. Honestly, I am more sad about losing my cognition than I am my hearing or vestibular function.

    I am not complaining, as I am living life to the fullest at the moment, but it definitely takes a fair amount of effort to hear and process information. I think that is what this study is alluding to. I may have compensated some over time, but I am not 100% for sure.


    1. Angelea, I too wish I could read the whole study…but I’m not going to pay for that privilege. huh?

      My understanding of Mental Imagery, what that is was what you saw in your head. Like your imagination, but not quite. How you perceive things? This is very often talked about in the creative circles…using your “mental imagery”. I was wondering if that was why I feel so stuck with my art. I can’t get my images out. Am I making sense?

      I too have felt a bit slower…sometimes when I talk to people it takes me a moment to really grasp what they are talking about. I don’t know how much of that is me not hearing it all, or not understanding. My word recall used to be much worse, but it has gotten better. (not sure why) But I’m glad, I used to feel like a bumbling idiot. I know it was worse when I was on Topamax, but I don’t think that was all of it. I still have it, just not as bad. : )

      Thank you for reading it. And your input. makes me think. wendy


  2. I gather that it’s talking about our perception of reality. We look at a room, close our eyes, and we imagine the room is still there. We still have a sense of being in the room without seeing it. I think it’s saying that when our vestibular system is messed up, so is our mental image of a place. It’s hard to imagine where that chair is in relation to myself when I’m dizzy. But apparently it goes beyond that. Just trying to imagine the placement of shapes and what they should look like becomes more difficult without a stable reality point. If I’m reading that correctly.

    But maybe it’s something you can practice and improve. Try some mental exercises. Form a tesseract in your head.


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