Ramblings on my Birthday….feeling better.

I’m writing right now because I can’t sleep.  So I may ramble a bit.  There will probably be some interesting information here…but some of it will probably just me running off at the mouth…or at the keyboard really…..

Of course, I make an appointment with Dr. Gray to have another lumbar puncture, and I start feeling better.  (Isn’t that always the way?)

My hearing is still way down in my left ear, but I don’t feel as dizzy, as off-balance, and no mini spins for the past couple of days.  *shrug*

As you probably know, today was my birthday.  (well, seeing what time it is, perhaps I should say, yesterday was my birthday.)

I had a very nice day.  I normally, really like my birthday, and want to do something special.  Something exciting, with friends….the whole sha-bang!  This year, I was feeling pretty low-key.  I don’t really feel like it was by birthday.  But it was a very nice day!

The hubby and I went to the mall and I did some shopping!  I haven’t shopped at all this year.  We’ve been trying not to buy anything new.  So everything I’ve been buying has been second-hand.  But today, I decided to do a little shopping.  I needed a new bra.  No, I was not going to buy a used one!  Ew.  I’ve gained weight since I bought the last ones, and they have stretched out….well you get the picture.  I’ve noticed when most women gain weight they get bigger boobs.  I don’t.  My band size gets bigger, but my bust size is the same.  For example, I’ve worn a 32DD, 34D, and a 36C.  So as you see, my boobs stay the same.  (If you are a man reading this you will not understand, but I think most of the women will.)  Bra sizing is so weird.  The way you are supposed to measure it is just strange to me.  I measured a 38B today, and the first bra I tried on that size, fit.  But I wasn’t crazy about it.  The next one, the band was too big…so I ended up with a 36C.

I also got a lovely dress!  We were shopping at Macy’s, both of the items I got were on sale, and I had a $20 off coupon if you spend $50 or more, so my total came to about $34!  hehehe!

We also went by the game store, and picked up a couple of used Wii games.  I love the fact that if you buy pre-owned games you can try them out for a week…or is it two?  Then if you don’t like it you can take it back!  I will never buy a new game.  We’ve been having a ball lately playing games.  I used to hate playing any type of video game, but I really like the ones that make you move.  I told Stuart last night that it was the first time I played a video game where I didn’t feel completely inadequate.  I was keeping up with him!  That is saying a lot!

I’ve been working on losing weight.  I think I mentioned I’ve lost 6 pounds.  I stepped on the scale a couple of day ago, and it was down a few more pounds.  But for the past couple of days, I…well, I’m going to be blunt here…I’m so constipated.  I do not get this way.  I’m so uncomfortable.  I broke down and took something tonight to try to help it along…I hope it works.  I didn’t cut down on my veggie intake.  No I haven’t upped it, because of the fructose intolerance.  I haven’t been eating any grains though, and I’m thinking that’s what is going on.  But if I add any back in, I stop losing weight.  *sigh*  Guess, I’ll have to start taking fiber.  (I must confess, today I completely went off my diet!  I had some Gluten Free carrot cake, and some ice cream….Hey, it was my birthday!!)

I was thrilled that I got Just Dance, for the Wii.  I got it a little early, so I’ve been playing it for about a week now.  It’s so much fun!  And what a work out!!  My husband also got me exactly what I asked for, a back scratcher.  There are just too many times I have an itch I can’t scratch!

My birthday was a good one.  I spent the day with my hubby.  I received 56 Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook, and still counting….(funny though, nothing from my father or my sister…hummm.  What a supportive family I have.)  Stuart and I played games on the Wii for hours…..it was a nice day.

Now, for tomorrow…I need to go to the grocery store, do some chores around the house, and I’m getting a massage!  Yeah, it’ll be a good day.

Some day soon, I’ll be getting my darling husband to take me out to dinner…we didn’t do that today…and I can wear my new dress!


11 thoughts on “Ramblings on my Birthday….feeling better.

  1. Now, I can say happy unbirthday again — the nice thing about unbirthdays is you can celebrate them 364 days of the year! (Comes from I believe the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland; hubby and I have co-joined birthdays, so we use it alot)
    I completely understand the bra thing. Awhile ago, hubby waited patiently at Victoria Secret’s where I tried to find a bra to replace the one I have (that they no longer make; I should have bought 6!)This has happened before; I wore the same style bra for over 10 years, until the manufacturer stopped making it! I HATE bra shopping, especially when I’ve gained weight! You were brave to do so on your birthday.
    My hubby got a great deal on some clothes at Macy’s; must have had a similar coupon.
    There are various fiber suppliments on the market that might help with your constipation. Some are very natural. I don’t know how some would fit into what you can eat. My favo(u)rite are the gummy kind (for kids and for adults)!
    Sometimes a quiet birthday is just as special. Wishing you a wonderful, wonderous year!


    1. Phylor, I was a little brave to go shopping on my birthday…for any clothes item actually since I’ve gained weight, it’s not a happy thing for me. But Stuart really is a good sport, and very helpful! I do like the new dress. : ) And the bra fits good too.

      I know what you mean about finding a style you like and sticking to it! I used to do that, no if I would stay a set size, I’d stock up.

      (I did take a natural fiber supplement, and feel much better. But I’ve eaten more junk in the past few days I think I gained back all the weight I lost.)

      OH…un-birthdays. My husband’s family used to do unbirthdays, on the his or his sister’s birthday, the other would get one small “unbirthday” gift. We actually did it the first few years we were together, but it died off. But every once in a while, I’ll pop up with something for no reason for him, and say that! and yes, I do believe it is from Alice in Wonderland.

      happy Unbirthday To you!! w


  2. Happy belated birthday, Wendy! Sounds like a good day in my book, too. My b-day is in two weeks and seems to be the one or two times a year I get myself new clothes, too. I always ask for money or gift certificates just for that reason.

    Just Dance sounds like a perfect way to get some fun exercise in! Will have to look into that one. I know my kids want it, so should be an easy sell.

    Hope things start moving along for you soon, if you know what I mean. 😉

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



    1. Angelea, Just Dance is a blast. I have Just Dance 1, but I’ve played Just Dance 2 with friends and think I like it more….but 3 is coming out in October…so I’ll wait. (with 2 they show the hand with the remote in it on the screen, so it’s easier to see what is supposed to be registering.) But I just don’t pay attention to the score, I just dance, and have fun! Great workout….but I do get dizzy. *sigh*

      Things have been moving right along the past couple of days. What a relief!

      thanks. w


  3. FructyLisa

    Happy Birthday to you! I am glad to read that you spent some money on yourself and treated yourself to some new things. That had to have helped lift your spirits. Keep on being positive! Sending ((hugs)) your way 🙂 Lisa


    1. Lisa, You know, I didn’t know I liked shopping so much. I can go shopping with friends and never buy anything. But I haven’t even been doing that lately. It was fun to go and actually look for something. We are trying not to buy new. (I’ve been going to thrift stores, buying used books…..but I’m glad I’ve bought a couple of new things lately.)

      ate too much I shouldn’t have this weekend. have to get back to eating better! w


  4. Happy Birthday…again. Good to see you had a wonderful day AND that you’re feeling better.

    I hate shopping for bras. Plus-size and large breasted doesn’t make a great combination for affordable bras. Last year I went all out, made an appointment at a bra boutique and within 10 minutes had the best fitting bra I’ve ever owned. Also paid around $150ish but have to admit, it fits perfectly.

    Have fun with those games. I keep thinking of buying a PlayStation or Wii but I’m still undecided as to which one to buy. Maybe when the prices come down a bit more. It’s still too expensive for something I’m still undecided.

    Enjoy supper and rock the dress.



    1. Maureen,

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. I went to one of those bra boutiques one time and got a great bra (for a great price), but the knowledge I gained there has made bra shopping much easier. Knowing how a bra should really fit it important!

      If we were going to buy a game system now it would be the Xbox Kinect. Where you are the controller. We have a PS3, but we don’t play games on it. I don’t like games where you don’t move….I want to get some exercise out of it. We use it as a DVD player. We got it when you could only get Netflix on it, now we can get it on the Wii.

      Funny story. I bought Stuart the Wii shortly after they came out. (not something we normally do) Turns out our TV was so old you couldn’t hook it up to it. It was also a tiny TV. So it was spend something like $40 to make it so it would work on our TV, or get a new TV…..guess what we did. : ) Stuart swears I only got him the Wii so he would buy a bigger TV. I did want a bigger TV, but a 55″ I did not expect. (we got a good deal on it though)

      thanks again! w


  5. Linda

    Hello Ms. Wendy, so glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    Also sounds like your birthday was fun. That’s wonderful.
    I’m watching the fireworks on TV. They are showing the display from the barges in NY Harbor. We used to sit on a hill side on the Jersey side and watch them. Brings back so many memories.
    Hoping you have a good week, and be sure to say hello to Dr. Linda for me. Looking forward to hearing how the lp turns out. Keeping fingers crossed!


    1. Thanks Linda.
      I didn’t see any fireworks this year. But the summer isn’t over!
      I will be sure to tell Dr. Gray (yes, I know but I can’t call her Linda) Hello!
      Fingers are crossed for you too!


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